Recap intervals are they from first use or manufacturer date

I’ve recently bought what I thought was a new Naim power amp from a reputable Naim dealer, but when it arrived, I can see that whilst it’s unopened it was manufactured a number of years ago, like the previous decade, so I was wondering if the recap interval is ideally calculated from the manufactured date or first use date, i.e. do the caps age whilst sat on the shelf or not until they start being used?

Electrolytic capacitors will start to degrade from when they themselves are made and this is speeded up if they are hot, for example because the unit they are in is in use.

But in practice I doubt whether it makes a lot of difference if a Naim power amp was made a few years before anyone used it. So unless you are looking for a reason to back out of your purchase, I suggest you just forget about it.

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Ok thanks, I planned to replace my main lounge amp (2020) with a new amp and move my lounge amp to another room to upgrade there, however the new amp that turned up is a 2017, i.e. 6 years old, so is actually older than my existing amp!

I can see that is a bit of an eyebrow-raising situation!

Anyway I hope that once it has run in, it sounds as good as you hoped. Out of the box it might sound a bit off, but it should sort itself out eventually. Whether you do that by running it in your main system or your other system is one of those choices that you can either ignore or agonise about!

A word with the ‘reputable Naim dealer’ is surely in order…?

The actual age of the amp should have been made clear.

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I think taking 6 yr old product off a dealer’s hands deserves a substantial discount.


I hope you got a very significant reduction, as age is hugely important should you come to sell. It will always be a 2017 model, regardless of whether or not it’s been used. If you paid full price, you should have a new one.

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It obviously wasn’t full price as now discontinued, it was a fair price imo if made recently or a year or so old, but 6 years old is a shock and a significant age not to mention up front in my mind, especially on a product who’s value is often highly dependant on age. As already said even if I keep it for a number of happy years it will always be much older than I was expecting. I may ask what they think of a part refund and see what they suggest or failing that just return.

I agree. If Simon were being sold ‘new old stock’, that should have been disclosed and a (reduced) price agreed, to reflect that.

Under English law at least, Simon would have a strong case to reject the model sold to him and have it replaced with a ‘factory fresh’ one.

Very shifty indeed.

I’d very likely be looking for a refund, otherwise a very significant reduction. Would you be happy to disclose what it is and what you paid?

Naim UK Prices from 2017:

NAP 500 DR £14,500
NAP 300 DR £4,539
NAP 250 DR £3,680
NAP 200 DR £2,160
NAP 155 XS £1,400
NAP 100 £750

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