Recap Supercap 2 or buy used Supercap DR?

I have the opportunity to buy a used Supercap DR (DR:ed a few years ago) for around 2000 EUR. My alternative is to recap and service my existing Supercap 2. The Supercap will be used with a Superline and a Prefix. My system (552/500 etc) is all non-DR. What is the best option for me? Thinking about system balance and mixing DR and non-DR units.

Stay non DR,especially with the Prefix.


My personal experience suggested better if all the same. When I started buying DR or upgrading in retrospect it all worked better when they were consistent. Different components to yours but I think others have found the same.



I traded my CD555 PS for a Supercap DR when my CDS3 died. It was a positive move, added presence and sparkle to my Nac 52, despite not matching. I have active Nap 250s non- DR and am pleased with the sound on all 3 sources.



Dear Andersl,

I read a post or a file note some time back showing a graph, voltage vs time, and the DR component’s power supplies, whether separate or part of an amplifier, have better, shorter response times to voltage regulation with load fluctuations (music power demands). Going by this information, I believe it would only be an improvement from a tech’s point of view.

This may lead, as future funds become available, to replace existing components with more DR equipment.


I’d definitely go DR. The early classic boxes were forgettable compared to the DR versions.


I’ll let others follow up that have direct experience but from past threads on here, I think when the SC is partnered with a Superline, this is one of the few cases when many posted that DR isn’t a large difference & non DR works very well on the Superline. Obviously completely different story when say partnered with a pre such as the 252.

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