Recapping SBL crossovers

Hi all I have a pair of 1995 SBL speakers and don’t know whether it’s me getting old … 74 but I think the tweeters are not putting out as much as I would like. Would recapping the crossovers help?

Everyone said they don’t need it but I did my NBL XO’s and they were excellent. Cost is low so no reason not to imo.

Mine were done a few years back and it sounded better as a result.

Have you replaced the tweeters already? That’s probably a bigger improvement.

I would agree that replacing the tweeters may give you what you are looking for. Get the xovers recapped at the same time. I did the same with my Keilidhs and the result is staggering.

I was told the same same,
But I’m getting mine done, I’ve just brought a pair, although in good condition and they sound awesome, :star_struck:
But do what you think needs to be done,
Someone and company can be found.

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