After how many years in operation should one think about recapping?
I have a HiCap, Nac72, Nap140.

Power supplies such as the Hicap should be around 10 years. Maybe a bit longer still on the 140 but I’d do no more then 12.
Preamps should be ok for 15 years or so.

I got very contradictory responses from several Naim dealers I asked about servicing my 202/200 - anything from 10 to 18 years. When I contacted Naim, they said 8-10 years, irrespective of model. Mine are well overdue!


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I don’t think that’s contradictory so much as coming from a different view.

10-18 years is probably correct if you are talking about the period over which performance noticably declines to a point where it is really necessary. Such recaps generally come back with a great improvement over the pre recap state. As they run in again over a couple months they get better still.

8-10 years is probably correct if you are talking about maintaining a well performing state without a noticeable gradual decline in performance. Such recaps generally come back sounding in need of a run in to get back to form.

Personally, I’d rather keep things performing in their best state as much as possible and go for the 8-10 year approach.


I’ve swapped an unserviced nap 140 by a serviced nap 200, and this was a big difference. The nap 140 was still very listenable and even enjoyable, but especially on higher volumes the highs sounded shrill. On lower volumes the difference was less noticable. Nap 140 / HicapDR / Nac 72 into SBL’s.

I’d say have them all serviced in one go, then you are sure that they are aligned for the next 10 years.


I assume it’s possible to date Naim PS, amps etc by the serial number range? Is there a list available online or do I just contact Naim?

Just wondering how old my Stageline and FC2X are (both bought ‘pre-loved’) and whether recapping may be needed at some point.

The list of serial numbers by date is on Naim’s website, under Customer Support -Support and Information.




…And also linked to at the bottom of this page. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you both Daves!

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Phone Naim and they will be able to tell you if they have ever been back to the factory for service, recap etc. rather than just going by the age.

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Thanks - good idea. Looks like my Stageline K is less than 10 years old, I’ll have to check the Flatcap 2x when I get home tomorrow.

My NAC92 and NAP140 have been powered on and apart from holidays, in daily use since new in 1996! My ears may have deteriorated more than the electronics but the system still sounds superb to me and visitors comment on the great and natural sound. Over 23 years how does the sound quality differ from when new?

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At 23 years old you should get them serviced urgently.

As with any amp (Naim or non-Naim), you are beginning to risk component failure at that age; and in the worst cases (e.g. a power amp supply smoothing/reservoir capacitor failing) the power amp could push about 32V DC into one of your speakers (and it’s unlikely to survive this event).

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There almost seems to be a desire to run Naim kit for a long as possible without servicing it. I don’t think Naim give out any badges for this behaviour. :smiley:

Unlikely? Whats that burning smell!

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