Recent Purchase from Classic to Olive

Hi Folks, I have now sold my Classic 202/200 Classic combo and replaced them with the following Olive system
NAC 82
NAP 135’s pair
I would appreciate any advice on how I should ‘cable’ these together?
Furthermore would these benefit from new power lites rather than normal power plugs?
Thanks for any advice

Hi Lawrence,

What was the thinking behind the change from classic to olive?


All down to improved sound quality and the purchase price of Olive system.


I use WH Morgana cables, sadly no longer made. I found them a little better than the standard Naim cables that came on the box. However, the SQ differed was to my old ears not vast, and the benefit had as much to do with the fact that the shielded WH cables seem to care much less about cable dressing- getting it a bit wrong or having a cable lying on the floor or near a power lead seems now to have no effect that any of us can hear.

In short, the standard cables are pretty good as long as you can take a bit of care. Good box positioning (big transformers far right and far from preamp or phono stage) may well make more difference.

Rather than buy lots of Powerlines, I opted to get an electrician to fit a dedicated mains supply from meter to socket - considerably cheaper. I plug all Naim boxes into a Hydra plugged into that supply.

Others have reached different conclusions…

And the sq will improve greatly. The 82/supercap is an amazing pre! The 202 is not nearly as good

Never heard the 135s but they will most likely show the 200 a clean pair of heals

Well done sir!

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First of all thanks to Robert_H for the diagram.
After studying it realised I was a SNAIC short…
Dashed to Cymbiosis (50 miles away)purchased SNAIC and a Power Lite
Installed into system upon my return.
Put on a female compilation WOW absolutely stunned.What next, bit of Blues.
Decided to put my streamer on (HIFI-Rose 150B) to listen to Tidal. Amazed with
the sound. Listen for a further 7/8 Hours (wife visiting Mother in law this weekend.)
So no interruption’s or commitments. Had some food then listened to music for a further 5 hours.
Thought I must thank the guys on the Naim Forum before I go to bed.
Cheers guys for your continued advice. Looking forward to further listening prior to the big Premier
league match…Cheers again


That olive combo is miles better than a 202/200 (which is already fine but cry for Napsc/Hicap)

I would get it serviced if never done.
135’s are for life.

The 82/supercap have been serviced by Darren A
Will get 135’s serviced shortly