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Hello, I would be very grateful for recommendations and suggestions to possibly optimize my system! I listen to Harbeth p3esr with a Naim Nait 1. LS cables are qed xt 40i. Music comes from the laptop Audirvana and qoubuz stream. Since I have 2 children and still hear a lot through headphones, I use the audioquest dragonfly cobalt as a dac on my cell phone and on my laptop. I am absolutely delighted with the sound, the Naim Nait 1 has replaced a supernait! And I no longer need to change the amplifier! I would be interested to know which dac would still be recommended and which power strip can be used with Naim! At the moment the standard music line power strip! I would be very grateful for recommendations!

Hi Moppi, your Dragonfly is quite a capable DAC, and you can connect this to the Nait. You just need a 3.5mm jack to 5-pin DIN cable.
There are, of course, many other DACs you could choose to improve on this, depending on your budget, but you might be surprised at how good the Dragonfly Cobalt can sound.

Thank you, I’ll get a Din on a jack cable! :+1:

Moinsen Moppi,
the Netzleiste is perfectly fine for Naim equipment. If you want to spend more, go for the Plus with a Powerline feeding the Leiste. I like Vovox as well, but it has a different flavor.I don’t now how the AQ, but if you can get a demo the shoebox DAC-V1 or the similar sized Leema might be something for you. One thing you should do is to look a different speaker cables, preferably high inductance ones like NACA or other spaced designs. Otherwise you have a fair chance do stress to output stage in your Nail, which would be a shame.
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where are you in Germany?


Hi, Thanks for the answers!
So I come from Thuringia near Coburg! Naim fan I have long had Nait xs, then the Supernait u. Now the Nait 1 that just sounds awesome to me! That’s the way I like it! I have a Naca 5 in 2.5m length, but does not sound as nice in the bass area as the QED cables! I know that the Nait 1 should have at least 3.5 m Naca 5, but so far I am quite satisfied with the QED. Does it make a difference again with 3.5 m Naca 5? Would it possibly work with the hms perfect match to adapt the LS cables to the Nait? With these you can change the inductance?
The Musicline plus power strip is again very expensive for a power strip! Would it help?
Thanks for the answers and Suggestions! :+1:
LG Falko

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I hope you can read it! In the future I will try to answer in better English!:wink:

Both my Supernait 2 and NDAC like the Powerline, so yes I think it’s a worthwhile upgrade. But as I said, the Netzleiste is perfectly fine as it is.
As far as I know HMS designs for low inductance, just the opposite of what you want. As long as the Nait doesn’t run hot, you should be good with your cables. Especially with one of the older amps I would be worried, but that’s how I’m wired. Is there a Chord dealer near you? Their cables are usually considered as safe.
Coburg is several hundred km from my place, otherwise I could have borrowed you something to try.

Hallo Moppi,
Glad to greet another Naim freak from Thuringia (come from Erfurt). I also had the supernait and he was ultimately responsible for the fact that I have had Naim fever for about 15 years. I am happy to advise you on Naim questions (I’ve already had a long journey).

Best wishes,

Moppi, I have translated your posts. Please post only in English as that is what most here can read and understand.

And a reminder to members, please ensure you have read and understood forum rules. Thank you.

As you have only one Naim box I don’t think a power strip is required, and certainly not something expensive. Just plug the Nait into the wall. The Nait was designed with Naim speaker cables, so it makes good sense to use them.

Yes, it is best to go straight into the wall socket. However, I still use the Northeast QK1 u. Qrt (current harmonizer). Some time ago I had a tube amplifier with complete northeast wiring. The current harmonizers are still left. But Naim rips more! I like the livesound! I like the feeling of sitting in a music bar and The band is playing on stage! I will look for 3.50m naca 5 cables!

The Chord cables have no separate conductors !? Do they fit the Naim power amplifiers? The QED cables have about 35 pfm! The Naca 5 about 16 pfm? So I thought that the QED could also fit well? These cables are also recommended by Harbeth! Mhhh not as easy as you do it right now. :thinking: I am always open to good recommendations u. grateful! It’s a great hobby, but also a bit complicated! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hard to believe, all you really want to do is listen to music! :wink:

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Most suggestions belong in the “could be done if you like to” category. Which is something to remember. You don’t have to do anything if you’re satisfied with what you’ve now. There are always possibilities, though and you asked for some :grin:

A question: can you connect a nac 42 to the supernait? If so, does that make sense?
thank you

Yes, you can. Whether a 42 would make it sound any better I couldn’t say.

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