Recommendation for speakers

Hi There. My current system is
Innuous Zen runing to
Psaudio directstream dac driven by
Supernait 2 with external PS

Looking to add a little more richness and bass to my system and replacing my PMC twenty 24s.

Any suggestions ?

Hi Richard.

Unfortunately the chances of anyone being able to comment on your PS audio source components is unlikely.
However the Supernait2 and I assume Hicap you are using is not known as being bass light and is rich and warm sounding.
PMC is a lovely combo with Naim and the 24’s certainly should have enough bass unless your room is large? So I would hazard a guess your issue comes from your front end and most likely the PS audio DAC.
Maybe get an audition of an NDX2 first to see what it brings.



+1 :+1:

Dynaudio Special Forty. If they don’t have enough bass for you, something is wrong further up the chain. This speaker is also an excellent match with a SN2.

Whether they work in your room is always subject to a huge caveat, so audition on doo quality stands from your Naim dealer.

Best regards, BF

Worth looking at ATC, too.

And ProAc more for Classical.

Running a pair of ProAc D30RS with my SN2 and can highly recommend the combination. Go to a dealer and give a lesson then maybe a home demo…

Good luck with your decision.

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