Recommendations on speakers to pair with a Uniti Atom

Hello! I’m looking at upgrading to a Naim Uniti Atom stereo integrated amp for my home office, which is 11 feet x 17 feet (3.35 meters x 5.18 meters), with a ceiling 8 feet high (2.44 meters). I’m currently debating whether to match it up with:

Any recommendations?

Speaker choice is very personal, so pick the one that sounds best in your room. But why restrict yourself to Wharfedale? Use the search to look at past threads on speakers for the Atom, of which there are many.

Have a look at the Neat range,
They sound great

very happy with my monitor audio 200 6g with my atom

Agreed. I use little Iotas with mine, but with a room as large as the OPs I’d look at Iota Alphas. However, as HH said, it’s really all about personal taste.


I think two models from your shortlist appear to be quite big for the moderately sized room? The size of the room + Atom would make me lean more towards a quality vs. quantity angle.

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