Recommendations to Improve my System?

As your hiding your system away anyway I’d add a serviced 52/SC and from reading threads about the 555DR I’d add one of those.

Also you could add some isolation within you cabinet either Fraim glass, cups and balls Still Points or some Isoacoustic Pucks.

I am always loathe to “spend other people’s money”, and will continue that here.

Unless anything is seriously awry with your current system I would not take any action now.
I would suggest a substantial upgrade at a later date rather than piecemeal due to a limited budget, or financial constraints.

My hifi expenditure tends to be (relatively) heavy very infrequently.


Thanks Nigel… I use Roon over WiFi… stream Qobuz and my ripped CDs. I occasionally use my Cambridge CXC transport, however streaming is just so much more convenient and the quality to my ears is just as good or sometimes better. So that will be getting sold soon.

Agree with you on the 300DR… I also didn’t realize that it’s a two box set up when I first penned my connection. So I think I’m left looking at either 552 or 225.

And oh how I wish I could have a Fraim in the living room.

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