Reconstituting new NAS from a backup disc

I recently had a complete failure of a 4 year old QNAP NAS. Bought a new QNAP and we had trouble reconstituting from the drives in the old NAS for unclear reasons and needed to use a backup drive that had been getting backed up weekly on schedule. Problem is that much of my previous metadata fixes over the years didn’t come over properly and there are lots of duplicates
, mislabeling etc. that is very tedious to try and redo if I can remember how it was originally done.
I assume that the backups were done incrementally and wasn’t a completely new backup each week and hence the mess.
Any thoughts on how to proceed
Any ideas on how to reconstitute the new NAS with the old discs thanks

When you say “reconstitute” do you mean simply moving the drives from your old NAS to your new one? I was able to do just this many years ago when I upgraded a NAS, but I use Synology so the comparison may not hold.

Do you know what caused your QNAP to fail and are you sure that the old drives are still good? An easy way to test is with a USB hard drive adapter attached to a computer. There are many utilities that will scan a disk and report on errors or failures - I happen to use Crystal Disk Info for that.

Since your drives are now four years old they’re just entering what I consider to be the replacement window. If prices are right and you end up having to restore from backup think about replacing your old drives at the same time and be done with preventative maintenance for the next 4 - 7 years.

Good luck!

If the disks are ok Qnap have a compatability chart as to which of their NAS units you can move them from and too without any loss of data.

An incremental back up should be saving any changed files over time, that’s literally the point of it.

Apparently I was told that the “mother board” failed on the old QNAP and the drivers were apparently fine but couldnt get them to work in the new NAS, same model but newer version.
I had my audio store “computer guy” try.

The compatibility checker on the Qnap site will give you the information you need but you may need to restore from a backup. As for the failed NAS get your techie to try the 100 ohm resistor fix. Nothing to lose and you may get a working NAS again.

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