Record Clamp Needed?

Good evening all, My missus and I bought a few new LP’s yesterday from HMV. One LP is a half speed master which played flawlessly with no issues at all, but the other two were purchased from HMV’s 2 for £30 section and were just bog standard standard vinyl.

There were issues straight away with both the other LP’s which are they are a bit warped and one album is doesn’t sit right down flat on the platter.

I’m going to take both albums back anyway no but maybe I should get a record clamp ?

Does anyone use such a clamp on a Rega P3 ?

Any tips gratefully received.

Thanks… :+1:

Many years ago I bought a Michell clamp which was good for warped LPs. I then bought an LP12, and I vaguely remember that Linn suggested it was not a good idea to use one on their turntables.
I believe Michell produced a different clamp specifically for Rega turntables which may be worth investigating.

If your vinyl is warped, take it back. The clamp will not fit it. I don’t think Rega do suggest a clamp.
I have a clamp for my Michell Gyro, and whilst that dies force the vinyl into the platter, it does not remove significant warps.

Yes, regarding the warped records, they are going back to the shop and hopefully replaced with flat plastic. Quite a few of my records are not dead flat. I can press some LP’s down a few millimetres near the spindle so even taking the manufacturer’s guidelines on recommending record clamps, (or not) I think a light clamp that just pushes the disc flat would be desirable.

My only concern is whether I can get a clamp which fits my P3.

Thanks for your comments.

Michell do a clamp specificlly for Rega. Got one for my P25

Just read that the Michell won’t fit the new spindle on the ‘newer’ Rega turntables. Pity because I’d have had one ordered now and do look cool too.

Whilst beavering around the web, I noticed A guy who has a Thorens record weight which weighs around 500 grams ! :fearful:. I’m not buying one of those and they’re well over a £100 too.

Can’t you return back the Lps ? It’s not acceptable to receive a warped record. And a record clamp will have little effect.

Some slight warpage along the outer edge of an LP is usually OK - it’s quite common these days that you’ll get an LP that’s not absolutely perfectly flat around the perimeter, especially if it’s one of the thicker 180-200 gram LPs. However, if the LP just won’t sit flat then that’s either a very serious warp or the LP is dished - in either case, return it and get a replacement.

One person’s experience…I make the presumption that neither my LP12 nor my P9 and then P10 were designed to be used with any clamping or weights…in any case, I tried and found that such devices killed the music, stone dead! Quite pleased really as I would not like to incur any additional bearing wear or even damage.

I’m returning the records to the shop today. Hopefully they’ll have replacements.

Fingers crossed :pray::grinning:

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The reason for warped records in the first place used to be removal of the disc from the pressing machine too early. This allowed stress in the plastic to form hence the formation of a warp. All back to money I am afraid. I have some ultra thin LPs made when plastic became very expensive due to the oil crisis. Sound quality can be variable, but most of them are as flat as you could get.
A variety of ideas have been floated as to how warps can be cured from sandwiching the disc between two sheets of clean heavy glass for a time to a gentle roast in the oven.
None of these work. If its warped, its warped.
I would not want my Lyra cartridge cantilever to be over stressed on a switchback for 20 minutes. Mild warps OK, more than that, back to the suppplier. There used to be advice about not leaving your LPs on the rear parcel shelf of your car on a hot day. A bit obvious really.
My Linn dealer confirms the LP12 does not like a clamp. That may have changed with the introduction of the new Karousel bearing although I doubt it. The vinyl record is surprisingly durable with even moderate care. Look at the charity shops who have cottoned onto the products value.

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