Record Cleaning Machine & Inner Sleeves

Apart from the Project VCS Mk2 and Mofi inner sleeves, is there anything else worth considering, that may be better?

I like the Nagaoka 102 sleeves as they fit neatly inside the original LP’s inner sleeve.

The Mofi inners are about as good as it gets, although you can get inners similar to the Mofi for less - try Spin Care Audiophile inners. If you need something very thin to slip inside an existing inner then Basil’s recommendation of the Nagaoka inners is a good one. I also like the German paper and poly inners that you can buy from various places online - they have clipped corners - they’re inexpensive and very good. They are used by at least one of the better pressing plants on new vinyl releases.

As for RCMs, the Pro-Ject is excellent, and you’re probably looking at moving to an ultrasonic cleaner such as the Audiodesk or KL Audio, or maybe a thread type cleaner such as the Loricraft or Keith Monks to do any better (if at all).

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Thanks guys … I really appreciate all your help and guidance :smiley:

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