Record cleaning machines

Another vote for the Project VC-S, and as many mention, certainly value for money.

Just a little info about my experience using an Okki Nokki and ProJect RCM - both excellent btw and do a brilliant job. The ProJect seems to be the forum default choice, but after using both I just preferred and chose an Okki Nokki.

A local Discogs record dealer (works from home) has the ProJect as his RCM work horse (never missed a beat he says) and he let me have a play on his machine, but I just didn’t take to it due to the small label size platter, and felt the record was simply inadequately supported during the cleaning process, despite perseverance and playing with cleaning technique. Next step was to buy an ex dem Okki Nokki to compare (could easily move it on if I preferred the Project). The Okki Nokki stayed. After using both at length the Okki Nokki will remain until such time as I can afford an ultrasonic machine.

It just comes down to what you prefer I guess, and I found the full platter of Okki Nokki much nicer to use, and it seemed much more solidly built than the ProJect too.

I’m sure there will be concerns and cries of “cross contamination” from when a clean record side is flipped over and placed on the ‘contaminated’ full platter… But I’ve found if sensible care is taken its not an issue at all, as most contamination is deep in the grooves anyway. To remove any visible surface dust I always wipe the record with an Audioquest anti static carbon fibre brush prior to wet cleaning, and then follow with an occasional platter wipe down with a good quality microfibre cloth, dampened with distilled water and a little record cleaning mixture. Personally, this extra cleaning step is outweighed by the benefit of having the record level and fully supported during the cleaning process.

The only other minor issue being that care is needed with liquid splashes on the labels, and over the last year I’ve only ever had one minor mishap with over zealous record cleaner squirting (!) after quickly drying down with a MF cloth it caused no label marking at all - one spillage over some 500 records cleaned (and counting). Since then I’ve bought lab squeegee bottles, each with an ultra fine dispensing tube, and this allows very accurate squirts of cleaner to the record surface - far safer for the label!

There is a brand new improved “Okki Nokki One” due out soon, assuming after the pandemic is over, so that unit may be worth investigating.


Thanks @YetiZone. Some great info there to think about.

Cheers, Rack.


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I’ve used an Audiodesk Systeme ultrasonic RCM for the past four years. Very expensive, but extremely effective and very easy and convenient to use – I’ve cleaned just under 2,000 LPs without any problems and with a marked improvement to my records. Definitely worth considering if you have a very large vinyl collection.


No problem at all. I rate (and like both machines), but for me it came down to the simple choice of full platter vs label size platter.

The wet cleaning process has been very effective so far and I’ve only about a dozen records where the surface noise has not been improved - I’d really like to experiment with an ultrasonic machine to see if it can work some voodoo magic and revive those last few recalcitrant discs.

Kev, did you have a wet vacuum machine prior to the swish Audiodesk?

Another shout out for the Okki Nokki, no complaints from me, works really well and I can definitely recommend.

I built my Moth too. In an effort to make it quieter, I made mine out of 15mm, as opposed to 12mm, Contiboard. It does seem quieter than others I’ve heard, but it was a bit of a challenge converting the various measurements of the internal panels!

Moths are great machines and do an excellent job. Many years ago, I inherited a sizeable collection of mostly classical LPs from my uncle, all filthy, and in one long session I cleaned a hundred of the blessed things. Talk about losing the will to live…


No @YetiZone - it’s the first RCM I have ever owned. A former member of this forum advised me to look at it as I have a very large collection and a lot of my LPs are either secondhand or very, very old. I was won over when I took some records to an Audiodesk dealer and did a before and after test and was completely bowled over by the postive improvement; I got my credit card out straightaway!


I use a Nessie Vinylmaster. It’s relatively quiet and pretty automatic (just requiring you to move the washing and cleaning arms into place at the right time). I’ve only cleaned a 100 records or so but it is a joy to use with the only tricky part being draining the dirty fluid through a clamped outlet pipe (I might eventually replace the clamp with a tap valve).

Very swish @TheKevster. :sunglasses:

Had a project RCM great value & upgraded to a audiodesk ultrasonic which broke under warranty & they wanted a grand to fix it & now proud owner of a Loricraft PRC6

Richard - huge thanks for this as I have been dithering for years over getting an RCM and was concerned the project may not be all that good - bought a used record that had allegedly been cleaned On one and I wasn’t terribly impressed. So very helpful to have the recommendation - am about to decide whether or not to take advantage of Linn offer of free karousel if spending £3k. Haven’t spent much on my lp12 for a long time

Thanks Kev - appreciated.

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That’s not good. What broke and did they eventually fix it under warranty?

The key to how good or bad is in the technique. Work in the cleaning fluid well creating a nice lather then hoover off one way then back the other a few rotations. Do twice if need be.

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That’s not good. What broke and did they eventually fix it under warranty?
pump failed inside will under warranty , had to split the case open & fit a new pump for 50quid & reseal the unit after

They look great, but I was sad to see that KL Audio announce on their website that they have ceased making ultrasonic cleaners.

I use an Okki Nokki machine. To avoid contamination of a cleaned side I always wipe the platter with a damp cloth before use and allow the first side cleaned to dry before doing the second side. I’ve not yet got cleaning solution on the label, but on a couple of occasions I have run too much solution over the edge of the disc, which has then got between the platter and the disc - this issue could contaminate a cleaned side, but it’s been a rare occurrence for me.

I’ve tried various recipes for cleaning solution, including the free sample provided with the machine (very good BTW), a mix of 30% isopropyl alcohol, distilled water and release agent and lately I’ve been using bio ethanol mixed 50:50 with distilled water, which is fine, although the bio ethanol does oxidise in the bottle.

And the same from me.

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