Record Cleaning Wipes

Most of my records are in very good condition, even though up to 40 years old.

But there’s a few (mainly second hand ones) that could probably do with a clean. Given record cleaning machines are quite bulky etc, have been wondering about record cleaning wipes (given the limited number of discs that need attention).

Excluding ecological concerns about using the hifi equivalent of a wet-wipe, has anyone used them, and are they any good?

Including ecological concerns, I guess finding a friendly record shop that offers a cleaning service could be another option. But interested to hear thoughts on the wipes

Apologies if discussed before. I searched on “wipes” and nothing relevant seemed to come up

You could always canvas for local forum members who are prepared to share their facilities for a suitable reward, such as a bottle of their favourite libation :wine_glass::blush:

This came up recently, (sadly) against forum AUP

Oh! That’s a shame.
Several members of the forum do know each other and meet up from time to time. I’ve seen mention in the past.
Excuse my stupidity, but what does AUP mean🤷🏻‍♂️

Acceptable use policy, here’s the bit I think applies

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For the topic, I’ve never used a record wipe, something like a knosti manual machine works well and isn’t RCM money. But it is definitely more than wipes money. Be interested if anyone has used them

A search on eBay for ‘Record Cleaning Fluid’ should get you going. Lots of choices. The one I use is a sort of blue colour…

I use that with my ‘vintage’ Watts Manual Parastat Mk2A.

Got that bit…


is t’other bit the (blue) ‘specialist cleaning gel’, or sommat else ?

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I saw some LP Vinyl Record Phonograph Turntable Specialty Dry Wipes on recently, don’t know if they are any good… :man_shrugging:

The original Watts fluid was blue. I have no idea if the modern blue fluid is the same - but it looks and smells similar…

eBay Seller - living.history_1645.

Thanks for the replies so far. I must say I like the idea of swapping cleaning for libation :wine_glass:

Perhaps the AUP could be adapted with an ADP :grinning::grinning:

Hah, now it’s my turn to ask, ADP?

Acceptable Drink Policy. Hic :wine_glass::grinning:

I would never use a cleaning wipe on any of my records. You’re just as likely to the grind the dirt in deeper as anything.

If you don’t want the expense and space of an RCM you could try a SPinClean. Just be sure to use distilled water, not tap water.

Interesting. Well priced and relatively svelte. Thank you

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Ah, of course!

I also recommend running records through twice. Once with the cleaning fluid you mix in, and then a second time with the tank changed to just a water rinse. In ball cases just use distilled water. And keep those drying cloths very clean. Having two SpinClean machines makes that easier.

I used to use on of the those cheap bamboo dish drying racks for drying the records. You don’t want to re-sleeve them damp, in order to prevent any formation of mold.

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