Record cleaning

I’ve been using an Okki Nokki and The Right One fluid for about 4 years now.

I’ve been reading and hearing good things about ultrasonic cleaners with the Degritter and HumminGuru being the main offerings commented upon.

The HumminGuru seems a reasonable price but Degritter is very expensive.

Does anyone here have either of these and/or opinions on the ultrasonic route? The marketing blurb paints a very good picture (as always) but I’d some real world user feedback if possible?


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With what you have spent upgrading your LP12 i would think it deserves the solution that gives the best results and preserves the euphorik as much as possible. I also use an okki nokki but I’m suretge other cleaners are better with the ultrasonic clean

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Yes, we have all the opinions you could ever want

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I’ve just purchased a Sonic Grooves ultrasonic cleaner via the Bay. Great product, great price and seller, Colin, is very helpful. Very highly recommended.

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Been impresed with my hummin guru. Must have done well over 1000 pieces now. Easy to use.
I also have/ had/ away for repair a Project vacuum rcm too. But, the vac pump bearings failed, rendering it useless. It has been returned and awaits repair.
The hummin guru is very effective. But, i found you do need to change out the cleaning water every 2 or 3 records. Otherwise the water can contaminate the next record.


I don’t find it. I see a lot of ultra sonic cleaners on EBay, most have the same look but different names.
The HumminGuru is frequently out of stock. Should be next on pre order the 1st June.

I have just switched from audio desk to degritter and am really impressed. Cleans better and is so much easier/nicer to use. Not cheap but well worth it for me.


Is it that one ?

I use a combination of the degritter and the clearaudio smart matrix for cleaning LPs. The clearaudio is used for applying chemicals and the degritter used as a distilled water rinse. There is a good (and long) thread on the Hoffman site with more information that you could ever need. I too switched from the audiodesk and the degritter is way better.


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