Record cleaning

Sorry but I don’t understand the difference between cleaning a record with a camel brush then wiping it and letting it dry off and using this.Once cleaned with the same what does the vacuum do apart from dry it off? Thanks


It reduces the amount of anything still in the liquid from being left behind when the record is dried. And it’s quicker I suppose.

Think of it like the difference between washing up a plate and leaving it on the draining board for ten minutes to air dry and wiping it dry with a tea towel. The vacuum is like the tea towel!



The vacuum sucks up the dirty liquid. When I emptied my Project VCS the colour of the vacuumed liquid was yellow-brown.

The difference is exactly in NOT letting it dry off. You don’t want contaminated liquid drying on a record. Have you tried washing dust in your life and saw the concrete-like mixture it forms once it dries? Same difference. :slight_smile:

Could you conceivably rinse off all the dirty liquid? Possibly - it’s the principle behind the GEM Dandy record cleaner, but that one uses tap water, which is a terrible idea given all the minerals you also don’t want deposited on your record.

Of course, the simpler answer is to just listen to the difference. I’m guessing you haven’t, because it’s very significant IME, but if it al sounds the same to you, save the money.

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