Record player for xs3

One of the reasons I updated from XS2 to XS3 is to open the path to play with vinyl records.

I guess the phono amp in the XS3 will be powered by the HiCap, so the power delivery should be ok. It is a MM phono amp and should be able to work with High output MC cartridges.
What will you recommend to go with the XS3.

I heard a video on YouTube a comparison between mm un mc and the difference was really unexpected. But maybe was the specific MM. What is your opinion?

What’s your budget?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-2.5K€.

I think the hicap only powers the pre amp ,but nonetheless the phono stage is excellent!

I’d give a Rega Planar 6 an audition in that range

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A Rega P6 though there is no high-output Rega MC. The Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black MM works fine. Sadly the P8 is out of range if you are strict, it’s great value. The Rega Exact of course is an option, but not everyone likes it.
Several packages with Clearaudio Concept and various carts in this range.

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I am not that strict :slight_smile:
Clearaudio is actually not far away from here.

I am fortunate to have P8 with Ortofon Bronze through my XS3. Very happy indeed. As said, above your budget but if you can stretch a bit, definitely worth it.
There is some debate about the capacitance range of the XS3 phono stage and mismatch with most cartridges, but personally the combo mentioned above sounds wonderful.

If you can stretch … :slight_smile:

The rega seems to be in budget

Unnamed german store link

Or am I missing something?

The cartridge :slight_smile:

Funny that you looked at Hinterhof, I had checked the current price on the same page 10 minutes ago. They are my dealer since 20 years.

By the way, links to dealer pages and sales pages generally are against the rules

Oh yes …. Just saw it … the Ortofon is no biggy.
The Ania, they recommend is pushing it. I know classical turntable is best. But what do you think about the ones you can play vertically and put on the wall?

I didn‘t know about the rules. It was the first hit in google.

The Ania is a 350 μV output MC, that won’t work.

I only know the B&O things that play vertical, I think. They probably work but have a lot of compromises and complicated mechanics. Lifestyle, not best sound.

Rules are on the forum home page top right :wink:

This makes me happy (not to overspend). I guess I‘ll go and take a listen to some regas. Friend of mine also went with some Rega P, instead of the Technics 1200 and he is happy.

A used LP12 rebuilt by Cymbiosis or a Linn Specialist would be an excellent deck. Rega Decks are very good and pretty much plug and play. You won’t go wrong with Rega. My personal preference is Linn, but they are not plug and play and need to be set up right.

A Rega Plana 6 or 8 would be very fine.

Plenty of other decks out there from Vertere and Clearaudio to consider. Technics also worth consideration.

Vertere seem out of budget? The DG-1 is 3.5K in Germany and seem their lowest tier?

Ease of use is essential :).

They are available used on usual sites used in Germany.

Oh used, sure. If used is an option, the DG-1 sure is a contender, like the LP12