Record Store Day 2020 postponed to June 20th

Given current events, Record Store Day 2020 has been postponed to June 20th. More info on the Record Store Day website…

“This decision comes at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and the health and safety of the general public must come first.”

I’ve been getting back into vinyl recently and was looking at the releases scheduled for RSD 2020. A few releases caught my eye.

There was a thread last year regarding RSD 2019 and I’ve just had a look at the comments. These ranged from those who think it’s a bit of a rip-off to others who have made purchases and been very pleased with them.

I was wondering if any forum members with experience of RSD knew the answers to the following:

  • I’ve just had a look at the list of participating stores, but was a bit confused as I’d assumed these would all be physical stores, but some seem to be mail order only. Have I understood that correctly?

  • If so, given some (or maybe all) of the releases are limited editions, is it possible to pre-order those you’re interested in?

  • Are all the releases only available on vinyl?


I’ve just had another look at the RSD website and noticed that some releases seem to be CD as well as vinyl, so that answers one of the queries I had.

I knew I should have looked at the RSD website in more detail before posting my queries - it seems you can’t pre-order items.

Been going to RSD for a number of years. You cannot preorder from stores, you only get them on a first come first served basis from the independent shops unless you are willing to wait a week and hope they have what you want in stock! Most shops will ask their customers what they would like to get so they have some idea of what to order as they don’t want any remaining as they cannot return any that are unsold.
My local shop has at least a 100 unsold from the last couple of years! Prices have been increasing every year that I can remember - usually by a pound or two but everything else is as well.
If you intend going I suggest queuing early (I usually queue from about 1-2 am as that increasing the chances of getting what you want.
There are probably eBay flippers advertising as soon as the list is released so I suppose you could take a chance with them. I’ve seen over the last few years Amazon Eu advertising some as well!
I’ve found that it’s a hit or miss with the recording quality of live albums - bought a few Doors albums and they have been great.

Thanks for the response.

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