Record Store Day 2024 releases announced

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As with most things these days, what starts off as a good idea soon becomes over commercialised and the grifters move in. Shame.


rotch despite continuing to be a periodic vinyl collector, your thread means almost nothing, except that a search reveals that it is RDS! No idea where you are located, which would be very useful, since you seem to have a valid point to make.
However there is already an active thread

so another, adds to the confusion. Perhaps ask @Richard.Dane to merge your thread with the original, before further confusion sets in.

Not sure the phrase “these days” was needed. It was always this but people prefer to ignore that truth whilst it puts something of value into their collection.

It’s not actually true though that it just puts money into the pockets of the manufacturers. I’ve spoken to local shop owners for whom it represents a significant portion of their annual income and who couldn’t survive without it.

I remain no fan and have never made a RSD purchase; stood in those ludicrous queues etc. and that will never change.


Only managed to get two records from my shortlist sadly. Amorphis and Enslaved. The Bruce Dickinson I picked up simply because I’ve been meaning to grab it.

RSD has surely had its day. It seems to have come and gone this year without my even noticing.

And what earthly reason can there be for RSD to happen on different days in the UK and the USA - other than the very obvious reason of extracting as much money as possible from mug punters?

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On the contrary, I think it’s reinvigorated the vinyl market. Would David Sylvian’s album have been released on vinyl if it weren’t for rsd? Possibly. I buy records I like; I think that’s the same for most people. Judging by the queue lengths at other record shops, it’s still popular. And fun.


Without RSD would we also have got those fantastic jazz vinyl archival releases from Resonance, Elemental, Real to Reel et al? I very much doubt it. If nothing else, I am grateful for that.

Took a five second check on Google:

RSD US… 20 April

RSD UK… 20 April.


Had a lovely day, met two friends at Flashback Islington at 11am after a short walk from Angel tube station, my goodness the underground and train from Woking were busy. I go into London very frequently and have never seen such a crush on the underground at that time in the morning! Flashback had loads of releases still available at that time including the Doors and Captain B, no queuing shop quiet.
Declined at £77 for the Doors so bought the CD at Rough Trade later, first year I haven’t bought an RSD vinyl release. Nice brunch in the excellent cafe next door to Flashback, highly recommended, purchased a few Blu-ray’s and a CD from charity shops during the day. Home by 6pm for a glass of wine…perfect day…long may RSD survive!


Flashback’s a really nice place. Good people.

I’ll try the caff next time, thanks for the tip @ChrisG :slight_smile:

So far I’ve bought the Everybody Loves Bill Evans Mono release paid a fiver over rrp on eBay and will buy the Paul Weller double A-Side 7" if I can get it for cost. I’ve always bought excellent RSD releases and am happy to do so it doesn’t make me feel like ‘one of the sheep’ like I’m being ripped off or anything other than really happy with my purchase.

The Everybody Loves Bill Evans for instance is about £10 more than the next cheapest decent copy available which is a Fantasy OJC from the 90’s so for an up to date Kevin Grey mono cut pressed at RTI in a lovely tip on jacket I’m more than happy to pay for it. It’s a record I’ve wanted for a long time to own a decent copy having only been able to get an inferior Waxtime DMM.

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Managed to find a store selling the last copies of Steven Wilson - Harmonic Divergence online this morning and snagged one. Everywhere else was sold out. Phew.

In the UK, stores are not allowed to sell this year’s rsd releases until 8pm tonight. A quick search shows there are plenty available.

My ‘local’ had about 8 copies of the Bill Evans on Sat. By yesterday morning they had all gone. An ‘in demand’ LP this year.

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my haul from Carnival Records, Malvern. Pleased with them, could have bought more but had to resist. RSD is their Christmas and keeps stores going plus brings in new customers. Always prefer buying at a shop, you never know what you will come away with once you start browsing and also my local store knows my tastes well so often tells me about records i may be intersted in plus always have great chats about music whilst there, something you cannot get form on-line shopping

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The Television is one I’m on the hunt for…

Hope it sounds good :+1:t3:

im based in the uk