Record Store Day 2024 releases announced

It’s that time of the year. Pretty drab list. I’ll likely go for the following:

  • At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
  • Black Breath - Box Set
  • Various Artists - Spawn the Album (OST)

Maaaaaaaybe the Lost In Translation OST as well.

What are you looking to grab?

This will probably be cheaper:

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The Doors in Stockholm '68.
Both vinyl and CD sets.

My boot will be booted, I hope.

Also the Bowie maybe/probably.

Same for Beefheart, and the Tom Verlaine set (both depend on mastering details etc)


I agree, very slim pickings for me too this year🫤

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For jazzers, lots of great stuff on various labels by Vince Guaraldi, Mal Waldron/Steve Lacy, Cannonball Adderley, Brother Jack McDuff, Sun Ra, Shelly Manne, Yusuf Lateef, Chet Baker, Art Tatum, etc…


I have to say - none of the releases, although they look nice, strike me as being ‘must haves’ in view of limited LP and CD storage space. On the other hand, I might well go for the Monty Python ‘Live at Drury Lane’ picture disk.

I notice that New Land are also doing one of the vocal Kenny Dorham Riversides.

Huh, may very well be a better purchase. Cheers.

Ooh, ta Kev…didn’t spot the Sun Ra.

No-one interested in this?

  • Limited edition Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Soundtrack RSD 3 turntable, with Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse-branded dust cover. Each turntable comes with three 3" records for the songs “Self Love” by Metro Boomin & Coi Leray, “Nas Morales” by Metro Boomin and Nas, and “Link Up (Spider-Verse Remix)”–Metro Boomin, Don Toliver and Wizkid. Each 3” record is housed in Japanese designed flip jacket that includes artwork from the film.

You surprise me.

A few possibilities for me.

Anne Briggs
David Sylvian & Nine Horses
Bevis Frond, Television & Talking Heads live albums.
Maybe Ian Hunter although that is coming out as a non RSD release anyway
Scott Walker - Tilt

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There’s a Television live album?

I gotta look at the list again! I’m definitely in for that…

Edit: found it. Must buy. Thanks @Premmyboy.

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LiTA’s next Nancy release too. A bit disappointed that it’s not on regular release though :frowning:

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If I can’t get one on the day I will wait a few weeks for the scalpers and flippers’ prices come down a bit Ian… usually works!

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A reminder that RSD is only a few days away. I’ve narrowed my shortlist to the following:

Amorphis - My Kantele

  • At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
  • Black Breath - Box set
  • Chet Baker & Jack Sheldon - In Perfect Harmony
  • Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy - The Mighty Warriors
  • Steve Conte - Concrete Jangle
  • Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi
  • Forbidden - Omega Wave
  • Voivod - The Wake
  • Steven Wilson - Harmonic Divergence
  • Witchfinder General- Death Penalty

No, I don’t plan to buy all of the above, rather I don’t expect the stores I’ll visit to have everything I’m keen on so I’ll use the list as my fall-back.

Arrived at Square this morning about 10 mins before they opened at 8am. The first 2 people in the queue had been there since 8am yesterday. Yes I kid you not, a full 24 hours queuing. I was number 76.
I was only after 1 thing; David Sylvian/ Nine Horses.
Made it inside the shop about 915. Back at the car in about 2 hours. Record bought.


‘Raves From The Grave’ in Frome for me. Quite a big queue but it moved forward efficiently. Got pretty well everything I was after - both Adderleys, Bill Evans, Shelly Manne and the Delia Derbyshire CD box.

Square Records in Wimborne is such a quiet shop whenever I visit. RSD must be their one annual day of madness !

ive come to the conclusion that RSD these days is a massive cash grab that does not really benefit the small independent record stores. They have to buy so much stock that a lot of it then sits for nearly a year unsold putting the store out of pocket. I have friends that have stores that have now opted out for this reason and many others too. RSD only benefits the corporations that own the right to the records. Even ex ambassador Taylor Swift released her new album the day before!!! so many Rsd Releases already listed on discos and ebay at elevated prices. The whole thing stinks! moan over and im not the only one im sure!