Recording output issue

So,yesterday I bought a naim 5 pin(output) to rca(input) cable in order to record my vinyl records to cds.
I connected the 5 pin to the av output of the SN3 and the rca output to my cd recorder input.
Problem is that there is no signal passing to my cd recorder except when I am using the av rca input to the SN3 from the source I want to record.
In any other input of the SN3 I tried,both pin & rca,no signal is passing to the cd recorder.
Any help will be much appreciated.

PS same happens when using the stream pin output.

It probably has the wrong DIN pins connected. You need the REC OUT/IN pins connected not the PLAY OUT/IN, so a regular source DIN-RCA interconnect will not work. Try a Tape interconnect with 4 x RCA and fully wired DIN5.

If that was the case I believe it wouldn’t pass signal at all.
It does pass signal only when rca av input is used at the same time with the pin av output.

Have you tried a proper tape interconnect? How is the interconnect wired at the DIN end?

5 pins to dual (l-r) rca

Yes, but which pins are connected in the DIN? If it works on a DIN source output or pre input you know it’s wrong.

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I think Richard is correct - it’s a playback lead you are using.
The reason why you get a signal from the AV DIN when putting a signal into the AV RCA input is because the RCA & DIN sockets are piggybacked, so your input signal is coming straight back out on the input pins of the DIN.


If my theory is correct, your recorder will still have a signal present regardless of which input you select when you have a signal going into AV RCA.

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Thank you guys for your help.
I will contact my dealer to short this out.
Thing is that he assured me that this was the right cable for the job.

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