Recording Turntable to a PC

Hello, I bought an used Nait XS3 and Planar 1 System to listen to some records. I also would like to record my records to digital files as a backup. I have connected my speakers to the speaker terminals on the amp and my subwoofer to the line out terminals. How should I connect to the PC?

In the past I had my speakers (PSB Alpha B1) connected to Project Stereobox S and I had a connection from my AT 120USB to the amp and PC. now added sub better amp and record player and feel a bit lost.

You can connect a recorder to the Stream IN/OUT DIN5 socket. You’ll need a tape interconnect (see Below) or a custom interconnect as you’ll be taking signal out via the REC pins rather than in via the PLAY pins.

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And this still will record the output from the turntable, not from the stream? Can also the AV jack be used? Also I would prefer if I have just two rca plugs, can I just get a cable with the REC pins connected?

You could use the AV IN/OUT as an alternative, yes, but be sure not to engage unity gain. Both AV and STREAM will have whichever source you select on their output pins so can be used for recording.

If you just want an interconnect with one pair of RCA Phonos then you’ll need a custom interconnect made for you with the correct pins connected up in the DIN. See below for how the TAPE/STREAM/AV sockets are configured;

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Rega do make a product for this - the Phono Mini A2D MK11. It’s a phono stage but it also has a USB output for recording digital files. Could be worth investigating if you plan to do a lot of recording.

I could not comment on how it compares with Richard’s solution.

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Alex, I’m assuming here that Darkcat has a suitable sound card for recording (and compatible software such as the excellent freeware Audacity) inside their computer already.


Do you stream? No details of your setup in your profile.

May I ask why you want to digitise your LPs?

Do you have many you want to convert?

I have around 30 LPs. I just want to digitize them as a backup. Listening to the real records will wear out the needle and the record themselves. So will be nice to have a copy.

Yep I stream too, I have the wiim pro plus.

Hello DarkCat,

I did quite a lot of digitalizing of my records so that I can hear them in other places than my living room, where my turntable is. In the beginning I was recording the records with my Zoom H6 in 24bit/96kHz, then I invested in a Tascam DA-3000 to get a good recorder (Analog to Digital converter).
So my signal chain is Record Player - Phono Pre (Prefix, later Superline) - Preamp with Tape/Aux out - Recorder (Zoom or Tascam) then I had the digital files on a memory card and put it into my PC - and from there on my UpnP Network Server.
Instead of this chain, you could also go for an external Phono Pre and connect it directly into a PC Soundcard for doing the Analog to Digital conversion. Now I have a Tascam 208i as external soundcard which could do the AD-conversion - but the Tascam DA-3000 is still better.
You can define for yourself, which sound quality (and size of the files you want and can reproduce) If you go for lower qualities (CD quality or MP3) you may find faster your records already digitalized in youtube - and there are programs to download the youtube music.
It is always a lot of work to record the records, then transfer them to the pc, cut the record into its tracks (there are software solutions for that too, including some little De-Scratching…), rename them…

Just re-reeding your original question… If you have still the AT120 USB available, you could use this record player to do the recording, as he has somehow an internal Analog to Digital conversion to send the signal via USB to the PC- as you did before. The turntable deliveres CD-Quality 16bit/44.1kHz. For recording you could use the freeware Audacity,

Sadly I sold my old stuff to get the better ones, also I want to capture the better sound coming out of the naim, so it wont make sense to do it like that any way.

I’ll look into those recorders.

I have not tried it yet, buy I have a Tascam DR05X which has a line level input and will record at 96/24. I have a Fraim awaiting me, so when I have rehoused my equipment, I will make an effort to start digitising my LP’s. I had a nasty accident with my stylus after a few beers, never again! So if they are stored on a Hard drive (probably SSD) my turntable cannot be damaged.

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Yep. I just got my hands on some rare releases … I would definitely like to digitize those