Reducing bluetooth latency on QB2


I’m planning to get a Muso QB2 with the intention to use it as a music player in my bedroom and to occasionally pair it via bluetooth with my projector.

I’ve read a number of posts mentioning that there is notable latency between the QB2 and the input device when paired by bluetooth and was wondering if anyone might have any idea on how I could reduce this latency?

To provide some background, the projector will be placed about 3.5-4m (10-13ft) from where the QB2. Wiring up the projector to the QB2 will be out of the question as that means having to run wires across the bed. The projector is equipped with bluetooth 5.1 and aptx HD compatibility. Any suggestions and help is most welcomed!

Thanks in advance!

I never use Bluetooth (being about the worst quality sound) but you say it’s impossible to run wires across the bed, but why not run wires under the bed?

Thanks for the reply. That’s an option that i’ve considered and also decided against. I’ve got 2 cats that are not particularly athletic and the last thing I want is for them to trip on wires lying around and cause the QB2 to fall from its stand.

Another option that I thought of was to hook up the projector to an Apple TV and cast the audio output from Apple TV to the QB2 vis AirPlay. Do you think this might be better than a bluetooth connection?

I suspect there might be even more lag adding equipment into the equation.
An Apple TV would however give you the additional benefit of options feeding into your projector.
What is your current source for your projector?

I’m currently using Chromecast with Google TV for the projector source. Thinking of changing the source to Apple TV as I recall reading from somewhere that the latency for ApplePlay is smaller.

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There is no lip sync adjustment on the QB Bluetooth input (although there is on the optical and analogue inputs) and even if there was, it probably wouldn’t help. All it can do is add more delay, which is the opposite of what is needed in most cases.
All you can really do is try it, and make sure the seller will agree to a refund if it doesn’t work.

Two apple tv boxes in use; no issues!
One is connected to tv and then sound to streamer via optic or sometimes via airplay from apple box - both work.
Second is via hdmi sound adaptor - available on big river - which extracts audio via optical and allows hdmi pass through.

You may need to be prepared to be flexible, since best is likely to be cable connections, if your projector doesn’t process the audio fast enough to keep up. Air play fine, bluetooth not so. Plenty of options for dealing with cables. Placed under a rug or in some form of conduit - lots of alternatives.
With a projector in your room, it’s use would suggest sound better suited thru’ Muso 2 - likely better for spacial sound and advantage Muso accepts HDMI if you decide to use a splitter, no HDMI on QB2 - both units in use here; ymmv.

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