Reearranging setup. Suggestions?

Thinking about another setup of my gear. Perhaps use the two cabinets below to store the blu-ray and tv-sattelite box, and use the middel section for switch, power supplies and DAC. Leaving only 2 Naim boxes on top. Would anything have any effect on sound quality? Or things I should take into account? No additional boxes to be added in the near future and not buying any other cabinet soon. Though thinking about plateaus for streamer and amplifier to minimize vibrations. Thanks for feedback.

No effect what so over on SQ. Pick the best looking set up.

With love …tidy the cables to the TV…please😁


That is what my wife said as well!

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Thanks, I think you are right:)

I’m not sure that putting your Qutest in with all those other bits and pieces on a lower shelf is a great idea. Sources and connecting cables are sensitive to interference so it may be best to leave it on top.
I agree that the two Naim boxes would look neater on their own though.

I would put the Silent Angel ps under the EE8 switch. Don’t ask me why. An intuition only.


Will try!

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Perhaps I could leave the Qutest om top as well, perhaps at the place where the switch is now…

That could be worth a try. I would want to keep networking equipment away from the HiFi as far as possible. Maybe it would also help with keeping the more sensitive signal cables high so that they are clear of the TV stuff, power supplies etc on the lower shelf.

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Chris thanks not sure what you mean exactly, you state that top shelf could be DAC, streamer and ethernet switch? And SN2 also on a shelf below?

Hi, I meant that I would leave the HiFi on top, including the DAC, and put the switch below.
How much difference all this makes is hard to say, of course, but at least it would de-clutter the top of your cabinet.

Clear thanks. Will give it a go soon and see what I think, it is mainly visual and a bit more tidiness, as you say.

Sorry, but my vote won’t be on the audio stuff.

Put the tv cable in the wall. :slight_smile:
I love your audio furniture. Hiding these cables will raise the global look to another standard.

I’ll leave the SQ comment to better experienced fellow. :wink:

Cheers! I will put tv cables together for a more tidy look. But in the wall is no option for now :slight_smile:



And yes…1-0

Yes, much nicer I think.

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Much much !

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Cabinet is here to stay. Would this be worth the money as stabilising plateau for SN2 and streamer?