Reference 3A & 250DR

I had the opportunity to purchase a pair of Reference 3A Reflectors, which are their top of the line monitors and decided to pull the trigger sight unseen and without a demo. They are large and heavy, weighing 75 pounds each. They are 92db sensitivity. I have the 250DR and 272 driving them now. They sound sweet. Plenty of power. Extremely dynamic speakers. I’m wondering if any Naim owners have experience with Reference 3A in general or the Reflectors in particular? Would love to hear opinions about synergy between the two. I hear the speakers like tube amps as well. Thanks.

I used to own the Taksim Reference 3A’s, and used them with a 272/XPSDR/250DR. They are the one pair of speakers I regret selling to this day. So lifelike in their presentation, with nice deep bass. I moved from a house to an an apartment a few years back, which is why I moved them on. I also home demoed the Dulcet moniter, but they lacked the bass of the Taksims. The reflectors are the ones I actually wanted, I think they look very nice, and I am sure they sound excellent, enjoy!
The guy who bought them from me uses tubes with them now, and loves them. I will see if I can find a photo of the Dulcets on my iPad, the Taksim photos are at home on my laptop.

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