Reference volume

Just wondering what volume level people listen at, is there a ‘reference volume’ that balances dynamics with hearing health?

There will be lots of factors to consider, inc. the system, room, distance from speakers and type of music etc. I use my TT2 as a pre bypassing the pre-amp of my Norma IPA140 and often listen around -42H, which is comfortably within the ‘red’ min end of the volume scale for the Chord, but I still wonder if it’s too high?

Plus any thoughts on how accurate iPhone decibel apps are?

As a reference, I’m guessing it would be within the threshold of ones voice.
Those with loud booming voices are most certainly accustomed to such levels.
Myself is a quiet softly spoken sort - others often asking me to repeat something said more loudly.

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Are you a walking audio system Toby?

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