Refraining from upgrading my Neat iota alpha

Hi eveybody,
I believe it’s my first post on this forum but I have been an attentive reader for a long time.
I felt like sharing an experience when i thought of upgrading my speakers. A friend lent me an Access Audio ( a French brand from La république du son) power cable to try on my system . This power cable has completely transformed the way I experience audio in my system. I have always been very sceptical about cables and initially, when I was considering upgrading my Neat iota alpha to the Elite Classic, I didn’t think that a power cable could make such a significant difference. However, after incorporating this power cable into my setup, I was blown away by the improvement in sound quality. The clarity, depth, and richness of the audio produced with this cable are on a whole new level.
Every instrument and vocal comes through with such detail and precision that it feels like I’m hearing my favorite tracks for the first time. The dynamics are more pronounced, the soundstage is wider, and the overall listening experience is more immersive. This power cable has truly elevated the performance of my system beyond my expectations. It’s a game-changer at an affordable price .
To make the story short, i have postponed the Elite Classic and am enjoying my alphas even more.
Sometimes, the best upgrade comes from something unexpected… Food for thought


Hi and welcome,

Indeed there are no hard and fast rules to this game. The Alpha is a fantastic speaker, what is the rest of your system?



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Hi Lindsay,
Thanks for your welcome
I drive them with an Arcam solo movie, ancient…but does the job very well. I’m contemplating either a supernait 3 as I already have a node 2i or a uniti nova. But I still haven’t got the opportunity to compare both systems side by side.

The Arcam Solo is an excellent box. At this stage if I were you I’d leave the speakers for now and think about your electronics. Both the Nova and SN are superb and will eventually serve considerably more expensive speakers. If you went for the SN you’d need a good source component, I don’t know the Node but you could consider the ND5XS, if not the NDX2 is the optimum solution. Not sure if available where you are but there is a promotion on the NDX2/SN3 at the moment.

Good luck.

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