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Might be more helpful if we knew what the product was. Some retailers grade B refurbs are like new, Dyson for example.

Thanks for replying.
In particular Naim Uniti Atom and Star, but I am also generally interested in the process of how refurb Naim products are offered by official retailers with so little context or info regarding the history of the product. Were they new items damaged in transit? recycled part exchanges? warehouse accidents? salvaged products from road crashes? etc…

Phone the dealer and get as much information as you can?

I have tried that and the response is very limited, only the refurb grade was supplied when pressed for further info. Other wise they state that they do not know the specific history or context of the item. This is why I put the question out.

I don’t know about the refurb process, but the Uniti Star I bought a few ago was a refurbished unit, and to my eye it is indistinguishable from new. It also came with the same Naim warranty as a fully new item. Very happy that I went down this path.

Hi Ian
Thank you for your reply, that is reassuring to know. Did you buy from an official retailer? and do you know the origin or context of refurb products? Was your purchase a class A refurb?

My understanding is that Naim “B” stock can be as ‘new’ as something that was shipped to be used at an audio show. And maybe not even used! Much of it is truly “as new.” Anything out of the built>boxed>in-stock for retail sale standard product chain cannot be sold as “new” and thus gets “B” designation. At least that’s my understanding. I would not hesitate to by Naim B stock at the right price.

These should be officially graded products. A hifi dealer might sell their stock as ex demo but that’s something different. The graded units are assigned a new part number which distinguishes them from the original. You will see this on the box (New labels), and it will be updated in the computer system at the factory. The origin could be for example a faulty unit that has been returned from a dealer via rma but has been sent a new one out. So the returned model gets serviced and depending on the finish might get graded as a/b/c. The units will function perfectly but will be cosmetically imperfect in some way. Grade A you’d be hard pressed to find a fault.

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I just got a SN3 grade A. I don’t know the history of it.

The first one i received had to go back , as the front panel was loose and there were a couple of marks on the front too. More like grade b/c.

However, the second example is excellent and most importantly sounds fab.

These graded models certainly give hope to the cash strapped to enter the luxury Naim brand.

Thank you for your reply
Sharing your experience is very helpful to me

I purchased a Uniti Star “B” grade item from Peter Tyson in the UK and it was spotless like new, even had all the protective film over the panels still stuck on. Impossible to tell from new part from the Naim label on the cardboard box stating it was “B” grade.

For an electronic item, if it comes with a full warranty and looks as new, then it’s not worth worrying over.

Most refurbished products are I distinguishable from new from any quality manufacturer or retailer.

It was from an official retailer. No idea of the context, or condition – other than that the Star was advertised on the dealer’s website as refurbished.

I had a b grade 5si from a dealer and asked naim the history and it was sent back due to failed ir sensor and the orginal owner wanted a replacement so it was repaired , checked over and given new sealed remote and manual . It was way cheaper than new one.

Hi and thank you for your very helpful reply.
I have been persuaded by all of today’s great replies to go ahead with a refurb. I have also discovered that my ‘local’ small Naim dealership can source refurbished kit.

where do you find graded a/b/c Naim equipment?

I just did a Google search

I initially found the items on E Bay then found that the seller was an authorised dealer.
Talk with the dealers or check their ‘clearance/used’ lists

I purchased a ‘Refurbished’ Hive Smart Lightbulb on Ebay. I asked exactly what they did to the lightbulb to refurb it. Never got an answer.

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