Rega 3 and phono causing hum on nait xs2

Hi guys
just purchased a 2nd hand rega 3 and project phono mm stage
When I connect up There is hum on both channels
Do I need a ground lead from the phono box to the nait as there is no ground lead on the rega
Thanks in advance for your advice

If the Planar 3 has a speed controller box, then try moving it as far away from the phono stage as the leads will allow.

What else is connected to the Nait ?

I have a rega Saturn
A Marantz hd dac 1
And a stax energiser

Which are all switched off

No problems until plugged in the phono box
It’s more of a buzz rather than a hum

I suspect you might have introduced a ground loop. Try disconnecting all the other sources and just keep the TT connected. Still buzzing ?

I have both of these and its either a ground loop hum depending on othere equipment
OR you need to keep the turntable as far as you can from the phonostage and the amplifier.
No doubt someone will correct me but I don’t think the rega has it’s own earth and rega cartridges have little or no shielding
Good Luck!

Hi Guys
Thanks for your help
It appears the wall wart for phono doesnt have an earth
so I have made up a plug with just an earth ,wire plugged into a a spare socket, and connected the earth wire to the ground on the phono and buzz has gone :grinning:

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