Rega Aria ground noise

Hi to all

I recently bought a Rega Aria s / h (version with flat front panel) to replace the Rega MC phono stage … just mounted (I left the same cables and connections used before with the Rega MC) I immediately felt the classic humm of mass …

I feel it with the volume starting at 10 … the strange thing is that before it didn’t happen … it is making me go crazy … the strange thing is that MM is selected I don’t head nothing … if I put MC back the noise reappears …

tests already done:

  • I connected the mass of the ttpsu with the air
  • I connected the mass of the air to the mass of the 252
  • I checked the connection of the head
  • I checked with the turntable disconnected in all these cases the noise continued …

what could I do? I was also considering the idea of ​​cutting the Aria and buying a stageline S (the head is Ania).

any suggestions are welcome …

Thx in advance


Is it sited too close to a transformer or digital source?

Any noise when no phono leads connected?

it is positioned above the supercap … but on the opposite side of the transformer … no digital source nearby … yes the noise continues even when nothing is connected to the phono stage … so I exclude that the noise depends on the turntable

That looks worryingly close to some serious transformers for an MC stage. I would pull it out from where it is and position it as far away from the Supercap and amp as possible. If the noise is reduced or disappears you’ve found the problem. If not, back to the drawing board…,

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Are there any concerns over thermals/heat dissipation here as well?
Everything seems to be quite enclosed as well as the fact sensitive items are far to close to each other of course as already pointed out.

thanks Richard … tomorrow I will try to pull the phono stage out of the cabinet and move it as far as possible … see what happens … thank you very much for the suggestion … i will let you know the result

unfortunately I know … the purchase of a dedicated piece of furniture is already in the pipeline … maybe the Fraim will have the chance … unfortunately I had to pause the project because of the quarantine … I hope I can change mobile soon …

No worries, just an observation!
Moving the phono stage away from the other equipment should help anyway, all the best.

small update … I moved the phono stage away as much as I could from the transformers (the maximum that allowed the length of the cables) … the noise decreased … then I set the gain to 63db instead of 69db (as suggested in the manual of the phono stage in these cases) … the noise has further decreased … unfortunately, however, at 10 o’clock you can still hear it … definitely not as before but there is … I think I can’t do anything else. … or I accept his presence or I test with a Stegeline (at the moment I cannot face higher expenses) … does it make sense to take a Stageline S ?? maybe more in the powered by a hicap? doing so then I would also be ready to switch to a Superline …

The MC Stageline is also sensitive, the Superline, especially so. It comes with the territory with most MC stages and slugging them always comes with a performance price.

One possibility might be to try to get hold of some mu-metal sheet and shielding the phono stage by putting it on the shelf above and below. That may help.

If anything, the Naim ones are more susceptible on this than average. I had a Stageline S once that had radio better reception than most tuners. You could hear the DNA linking it to the NAT01.

I too had hum issues with a Rega Aria (using an LP12 with Krystal cartridge into 202/200). Even when placed as far away as the interconnect would allow I still had audible hum, so ultimately gave up (though, tbh, the hum was not audible when the music was playing). Ultimately went with a Trichord Dino Mk. 3 with separate PSU and despite being placed much closer to the amps (including Naim’s NAPSC) I have zero hum issues. So this worked better for me, in my setup.

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