Rega Aria Phono Stage

Good evening,
I was wondering if anyone is using a Rega Aria into a NAC72 pre amp and using the moving coil high gain setting?
If anyone has any experience of this combo does the high gain sound good to your ears?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Paul, not exactly the same but have the Aria into a SN3 and using high setting for Ania MC cart and it sounds great.

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Thanks for your reply. Glad to hear you are using the high gain without issue. With the 72 you just need to be careful with the volume control same when using a CD player. I run a AT33EV MC cartridge and after going back and forth many times between high and low gain I find I definitely prefer the sound using the high gain option. It’s much cleaner and more dynamic, on the lower gain setting to my ears it sound a bit slow and muddy in the bass. My cartridge output is 0.3mv same as your Rega cartridge I think.

When I first tried it I found the Aria was set incorrectly (high is supposed to be factory setting) and yes the difference was marked.

I have the mk2 and not the current mk3, although the only difference is the styling, the innards were unchanged according to Rega.

Yes the output of the Ania is in that ballpark.

Hello Paul

Like @Adam1 we are using an older mk 2 Aria, with Ania MC and then more recently Ania Pro MC cartridge.

Importantly, using this fine phono with a NAC72. We use a Linn Black RCA cable from Aria in to the 72’s phono input, which is RCA. Inside, using the Naim NA 326/1 link or “straight through” cards.

Over this weekend, I’ve had a chance to check the settings on the rear of the Aria. They look to be 1 only on, (100ohms ), 3 & 4 off ( 1000pF ), and then for gain, 1 on & 2 off (high gain or 69.3 dB ), as per recommendations for Rega MC cartridges, etc.

My memory is that our dealer set this up for us. So, it’s never occurred to change anything.

We notice a little difference in volume level (gain) when switching between phono and other sources. But can’t say it’s ever worried us.

Home all that detail helps?

edit : @Paul6 Since checked the tech’ spec’ for Rega. Ania Pro and see the nominal output voltage is stated to be 350 mV. So that looks like 50 mV (c.17% ) difference with your own situation, which may show as a slightly or changed difference in volume between sources. Otherwise, that is the only difference that I can see, between our “seemingly” similar situations. Hope all those details helps with your own situation.

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Hello Ratrat,
Thank you for your detailed reply, very helpful information.

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