Rega foam construction query?

Has anyone thought about the long term deterioration, if any, of the Rega Tancast material?

I’m looking at a P8 as my replacement TT but am wondering about deterioration of the foam over time.

I really doubt rega would have researched and developed a material that would be victim to time. It will probably outlive its owner.
I have a P8…go for it.

I am sure Rega would be able to replace, they carry a massive stock of spare parts, never heard of problems with their foam.

I’m not so sure about the long term testing aspect. It’s a material developed for making patterns in the aerospace industry which by their definition are short term use.

I do however agree with you that the tt will probably outlast me., and I love the look of it.

Well, foams … it always depends on the chemical details, see the DBL foam replacement thread, etc.
But a quick google on Tancast gives me a PDF that says “10.2 Chemical stability: The product is stable if stored as recommended” on

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I don’t hink in my lifetime it will be a problem, but when I look at the other deck I’m considering, michell gyrodeck, I’m struck by the design of the michell is 40 years old and I’m sure there are those examples still running. It also just looks substantial.

That specific feeling and also that I never really connected with foam as a material made me sell it even if it sounded great. For me playing vinyl is about connecting with the hardware too and the P8 never made it for me unfortunately. If you don’t care about such then it’s a great table but to me too minimalistic and foam is a boring material no matter how you look at it.

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Can I ask what the replacement was for you?

Vertere DG-1


Every time I play my P8 I’m struck by how good it sounds

Never given the foam a thought…but it isn’t sitting in the desert sun day in day out…it will probably outlive me

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Roy Gandy and his development team know exactly what they are doing. Roy has been at the heart of turntable development for over 40. Look at the no expense spared Naiad. A brilliant overview of the company is their book A vibration measuring machine a brilliant engaging read it will change your doubts regarding Rega highly recommended

And on second look, it also says: “Persistence and Degradation: Degrades extremely slowly in ultra violet light.”

I can’t speak to degradation over time, but I noticed two things with my P8. The edge of the foam can be easily damaged (it will dent fairly easily) and the machined edges of the phenolic (?) laminate can be really sharp. I believe Rega warns about both these things, I didn’t pay attention.

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Simon, did I see somewhere that you used to have a connection to Rega? Dealer or something?

Yup. The key word is used to. I had a part time gig at a really cool shop near my house. Evenings and weekends and such. The owner retired and the shop has since closed.

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Love my P8, sold my very original first edition planar 3 when I upgraded. Decent foams and plastic does last… just don’t leave it outside or on a sunny window ledge. Go for it, it’s a fantastic player

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