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might seem a strange topic, to ask on Naim forum, but thinking of this amp for a third system (I already have 2 Naim systems) and thinking of an old Nait 3 or this one, has anyone who has a Naim system been able to compare the rega IO, how does it sound compared to a Naim amp?

Nait 5si is a bargain used.

The IO is a pretty cool little amp for a ridiculously cheap price. I’ve heard it only in isolation and it certainly sounded like a proper bit of hifi kit. For all that though, if I had a choice, I’d probably take the NAIT 3.


Factor for a service on a NAIT of that pedigree or ask for proof of it having one, ideally within the last 5-10 years or less. The 3R adds the IR remote which is handy also.

Great amp. Run mine in a 2nd system with a Meridian CDT and a Musical fidelity dac- it takes up hardly any room. Goes plenty loud enough for small speakers


Fab amp with sort of friendly involving sound, prat like a Naim.
Need the right speakers to perform.
Not for headbangers either.


A little off topic. I was just wondering if equal time was spent on both Naim systems to justify a 3rd system. FWIW I currently have two systems and all the listening was only on one system while the other system was barely used.

I don’t have experience with the Rega IO and have no doubts it represents great value with exceptional sound quality at its price point. Nevertheless, I would explore another option - a high quality integrated. Instead of a 3rd system, maintain the current systems and replace the (Naim?) amp in one system to a non-Naim amp.

Good question.

Yes both systems are used equally.

The 202/200 system is used with Dynaudio bookshelves mainly for AV purposes - and while it seems like overkill - the living room is quite big and all the power of the Nap 200 is required to fill the room. I also use it a lot for watching concerts from you tube. It is a lot of fun, there the 202/200 is easily much superior to any AVR, musically. I use it in 2 channel mode, I gave up on 5 channel HT a long time ago.

as for the bigger 282/250DR, I used that one equally when wanting to listen to music only.

the third system is for the “home office” - a chord Mojo 2 would front that…

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That’s good to hear. If all systems are frequently used and the 3rd system will serve its purpose in a home office, the plan is surely worthwhile.

Good luck!

I bought a Nait 3 without remote control but with MM phono boards. It’s in an office/games room for my son. The main source is a Thorens TD160 turntable. It’s a lovely little amp and I would recommend it. I did consider the Rega IO but love Naim amps so went with the Nait 3. I paid about £320 for it. It hasn’t been serviced but I can get that done at some point.

If you go for the Rega IO you benefit from it being brand new.

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I have direct experience with the IO and really love it - gave it to a friend and honestly miss it (I just didn’t have a spot for it at that exact moment, and he had the perfect application).

As an aside, I love having pet systems all over the place - I have one in my office at work, one in my home office, one in the bedroom, one in garage, and then the main one. It’s all a bit ridiculous but a fun way to mess around with different scales.

The IO was replaced by an older UQ2. This may rock some boats around here, but in a certain way I preferred the IO. It is lean and quick and really good. Perhaps the UQ2 needs a recap however so maybe not 100% fair. I had the IO paired with a Mojo 1 and it was a winning combo - definitely punching above their weight.

It’s also awesome it’s so small.

All that said, I can tell I have a Nait 3 in my future. All part of the fun!!

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That is very interesting

Which speaker did you pair the IO with ?

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A funny mix - late series Canton Plus S’s (for our vacation system), Mission MS50s, and Linn Tukans.

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are you still using the Mojo 1 into UQ2?

My thoughts exactly, I wonder if the IO partnered with some reasonably efficient speakers couldn’t punch way above its weight?

Same here - not ridiculous at all, the IO and Qutes are ideal for these kind of setups.

Using small Rega or other easy small speakers make excellent pairing, other choice may of course work.

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I actually have only used it with Io and on its own. It is great with the Io.

Yes , given the sensitivity of some Focal and B&W stand mounts , I wonder of the traditional Mullet argument carries weight here. If someone added a UQ to a pair of B&W 705 S2 would anybody query it ?

I don’t go loud , in fact my belief is that a good audio system should be able to be heard at lower volumes.

Incidentally Rega have just pulled their half box CD player

I still have a very soft spot for my old Nait 3. It really did sound excellent with my original Rega Ela’s.
Not heard it but suspect the IO will be very good at it’s price point. Rega make very good kit.

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