Rega Isis CD Player

I finally got around to buying a new CD Player. The Rega Isis: and it sounds superb.




I love my Isis. From reading an interview with Roy Gandy not sure how long before they run out of chips and transports.

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Why does Rega continue to make CD players that may be difficult for some to see how to operate. There’s little contrast between the color of the LCD display and the color of the letters. They are very similar. Naim does a much better job with UI. We gave up on the Rega Saturn. For the purchaser, I hope the ISIS is more durable than the Saturn. We had two Saturn units that stopped initializing CDs. People should complain to Rega about how their UI precludes easy use by visually impaired.

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Have to agree with regards to the accessibility of the Isis. Not sure I’d agree re: Naim. The new stuff has really poor accessibility. There have also been quality control issues with Rega; especially the higher up you go and especially the Isis. Have heard it sound very enjoyable and very ordinary/wrong indeed.

The quality control on my Isis has been good so far after three years of ownership. Not many (?any) manufacturers tell you who has assembled and tested your unit.


What was their response?

Yes, that’s exactly how it was possible to show that there was a quality control issue.

Maybe everyone at QC has the same name :wink:

@Adam.Meredith My dealer at the time, issued me a new unit when it failed to initialize the first time. When it happened again, Rega did not respond. Regarding the UI and the difficulty for visually impaired users, t don’t know if a response was ever received or if the issue was raised.

Perhaps a bit unfair to complain about an issue wrt Rega - if you have actually not raised it with them…? If its important to you.

YMMV, etc.

@IanRobertM the issue was raised with the dealer. Subsequently, my Rega system was destroyed during home renovation, which was not Rega’s fault or responsibility. Because of increased disability, we needed home service which my out of town dealer could no longer provide. We switched dealers and looked a variety of equipment at the new dealer. We chose Naim because of its SQ and ease of operation. Since installation in October 2023, we have upgraded the streamer to the NDX2 with XPSDR power supply and added Focal Utopia headphones going into the SN3.WE ARE DELIGHTED with the system.

We are getting ready to upgrade the speaker cable. We currently have Chord Silver Scrern speaker cable. We are considering Shawline or EpicX. Not sure.