Rega MM MK5 power supp

Hi guys, I need help for a thing that maybe stupid.
I have one Rega MM MK5 and one Rega NEO PSU MK2.
I unplugged the power supplies and now I no longer know what goes into one and which goes into the other. :man_facepalming:t2:
Can you help me?

They’re both the Rega PS1 standard job, one a bit older (upper) than the other (lower), but should be interchangeable in my view.

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That was what I was thinking as well …

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Ah, ok, because there is a difference, one is 70mA and the other one 55mA but I don’t know, it’s probably irrelevant.

I have no scientific basis for it, but intuitively I would have used the newer 70mA one for the Neo, it being a power supply after all.

@TonyManero - Update after looking for some factual basis for my offhand claim:
and that is correct according to the specs on the Rega website, for UK and EU the Neo comes with a 230V and 70mA version PS1.


Thanks :pray:

I have a Rega MM MK5 and that has a PS1 350 55ma power supply plug. Hope this helps.

Just had a look; both my P8 with Neo and the Fono MC are about one year old and came with the same 55mA power supply

Ok so I double-checked: on the Rega website for each product there are technical specs listed.

Where applicable (Fono, Ear, Neo) they clearly indicate which PS1 version is used for which region. Sometimes directly in the site text, sometimes you have to go to the user manual.

For UK and EU they generally say it should come with the PS1 Input 230 V ~ 50 Hz 0.07 A.
So those are the 230V / 70mA versions (input, not output).

I think it’s a bit of a grey area, because the only common spec in the user manuals is max. 80mA there’s no min. listed. Since some of you got the PS1 - 55mA versions that apparently works too.

If anyone is concerned it’s probably better emailing Rega directly than discussing here.

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