Rega Naia

Starting to appear with dealers. Anyone heard?!

How much?

About £10k without cartridge.

It looks really very lovely.


Same cost as the TT I use, Bergmann Magne. Would be cool to compare these.

Good luck to 'em. There seems to be plenty of people with that sort of money to spend on a deck.

There was a Naia launch evening at a nearby dealer in Preston, but I wasn’t able to attend as I couldn’t get childcare that day / evening. From what I’ve heard it was very well received. No direct comparisons with the P10 though.


A certain dealer in Suffolk has posted on social media pictures of his with Rega electronics, it really is quite audio pornographic :sunglasses:

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Jason Kennedy has reviewed the Rega Naia over on The Ear website. Needless to say, as a P10 owner, he loves it. From the review …

“Extraordinary about sums it up. That any turntable can deliver so much musical information, so much of what the musicians who made each record laid down in the first place is truly remarkable. I have always known that vinyl is the finest format, the medium with the greatest sound quality available to the music lover and the Rega Naia proves this to be true in no small way. The Planar 10 is one of the best turntables in the world and this is significantly better, I seriously doubt I will hear another record player that comes close.”




Rega Naia vs Solstice…. Hmm would love to see that review

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Indeed. Two very, very different design approaches. Rega’s light and rigid approach taken to the extreme, versus the Solstice’s more standard heavyweight take on things.

Yes, that comparison would be very interesting, as would throwing the equivalent LP12 into the mix too, assuming that’s the Selekt now?

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Interesting how different in design it is compared to the long-time king the LP12 and the relative newcomer from Naim.

I must say that IMO its looks are pretty lousy, especially at that price. The skeletal chassis with its seemingly unfinished edge looks awful. It looks more like a cheap budget offering.

Still if it really is as good as they say then all that pales into insignificance. A case of form following function I suppose.


I heard the Naia at my dealers last weekend. I also have a friend who has the Naiad, and would say that the Naia is uncomfortable close.

We listened to the Naia on a Rega system with some small Neats and then it was swapped out to their 300 system with ATC 50’s. As I’ve said in a previous post it’s one of the best turntables I’ve ever heard. It seems to have a silent noise floor and absolutely rocks! It’s more like listening to master tapes than digital or vinyl.

I thought it pretty much destroyed my LP12, Aro, Geddon, Krystal, Superline. If I was starting again and wanted to go down the vinyl route this would be my first choice.

I do predict this will be a bit of a game changer!


Disruptors are often a good thing. One to watch…

If it’s anything like the prototype shown at Bristol earlier this year, it looks much better in the flesh than in photos, even the foam - very F1 tech-esque. IMO anyway!


Well I’m glad to hear that! Often these things look better in the flesh so to speak.

To be honest if I really wanted one because of the performance then the way it looked wouldn’t bother me at all. If I bought hi-fi for the looks then I would be buying Bang & Olufsen.

Out of sheer curiosity I read the review referred to. It strikes me as most curious and odd that such superlatives are used. Apparently it is better than anything else. Again curiously the review I read of the Solstice claimed pretty much the same!

It doesn’t affect me because I would never get back into vinyl but I can’t help taking such reviews with a very large pinch of salt. I’ve perhaps become cynical but I’ve read quite a few such reviews over the decades where the wondrous products reviewed turned out in fact to be nothing particularly special at all.

Time will tell whether it’s just flavour of the month or something a lot more substantial.

Rega’s never really ‘sparked the fire’ for me either. A mate had a P10, which looked a bit quirky and sounded okay but didn’t quite rock like an LP12 does. However, if you get the chance I’d try to get a listen to the Naia as I think this does things that I’ve never heard any format do before. It has real ‘soul’ and plays music like nothing else I’ve heard. It is very very addictive!


Perhaps “a case of foam following function” :grinning: