Rega Osiris next ages

I m thinking seriously to share my life with Osiris int amp.
I consider it really top notch with the only exception of the low end which, in my opinion, is not the chilly naim low end.
I have only one doubt: will it be some evolution or decommission plan in rega for the reference line?

You will find Rega are like Naim and many others in keeping product replacements fairly close to their chest.

Having said that the Osiris is now 12 years old so i wouldn’t be surprised to see a upgrade or new model anytime soon. But its anyones guess really.

I do believe it has sold better than initially expected so would doubt it would be dropped with no replacement.

But it is still an excellent amp , ive been using mine for 7 years and Rega’s backup is one of the best so no worries for the future if you did buy one.

Pieba, just having read your post from a few hours ago here:

I assume this is for another different system?

@Richard.Dane of course. I have mainly 2 houses and 2 hi Fi. In al Cairo i live because of my job and in Italy I ve my house.
In al Cairo I have an integrated amp , because of box count in Italy I wish a multi box amp.
…I m a maim sound addicted but the Osiris could be a really good top end one box solution in Egypt
In my house I have Devore fidelity gibbon 3xl with an old olive and a dac v1, in the future I would like to achieve 282hcdr250dr final config

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Do you really think it sold better?
I don t know, in Italy is not so diffused anyhow it is the only one integrated amp I listened drive the vivid Giya in technicolor sound

@Folkman i didn’t ask you an opinion about Osiris source partnering because I m not using cd but only files, which dac/streamer is a good partner in your opinion? Could it be the naim dac?

Yes , I recall reading somewhere about how both the Isis and Osiris were developed and that they were selling more than they had anticipated. Sorry can’t help on the DAC/streamer as I only use cd but I cannot see any reason why they shouldn’t be an excellent match. I have found Naim speaker cable is not the best match for the Osiris though.

The Osiris is a lovely amp with a very nice warm midrange and good flow and rhythm but it’s not a Naim. I have no idea how it compares to the latest SuperNait, however. I was comparing it to higher end Naim kit several years back in an unsuccessful search to reduce box count.

I ve the sn3 in Egypt, it is really good with the bloody naim low end, however the authority and the soundstage is not in the Osiris league. I never compared Osiris with 282/250dr but for sure this naim configuration is to me a really top performer

It sounds like you have given the Osiris a good audition and like it. If you want a one-box solution for your amplification, I’d just go for it. There’s no guarantee that it won’t be discontinued or replaced next week, nor that it won’t still be in the Rega line-up for years to come. But buying a new-out product from another brand does guarantee it won’t be obsolete in a year either. Two things are sure, however: that the Osiris is built like a tank and that Rega will provide first-class support for many years.

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