Rega P10 arm screws for cart

I don’t know, the guy on the other forum seems to imply. Or maybe just that it happens to work out this way on Rega arms and can be used as a guide.
Surely best for Lyra to answer

The answer about the 1mm hole is here:


Silly me had tried to find the Lyra manual on the Lyra website, what was I thinking! :slight_smile:

Very thanks. So if I understand well, my dealer needed to remove the drill bit before screwing the 2 screws?
It’s said , with the schematic: “Remove drill bit after cartridge is aligned and screws tightened”

From memory they use their own, which is close to Stevenson. @frenchrooster that’s optimised for classical records with crescendoes near the end. From memory you mostly listen to 70’s rock and jazz, so it might be worth considering another alignment for a cheap upgrade.

So all is clear now. Lyra has confirmed me the process as in the picture.
But now I have to ask my dealer if he has respected the process.

He may have used the process from the first paragraph as well, using the template. Certainly I expect that a dealer selling 3K carts knows how to mount them. Good luck!

Prior to 3 point mounting, which is so easy, I would not have used that method!

I hope so. Just asked him by mail this morning if he had to follow that process or if it was not necessary.
He doesn’t sell Lyra, but Rega since the beginning. I think he knows how to do well, normally.

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Can you explain?

…it’s quite easy to mount a cartridge, using your chosen alignment protractor and good vision. Not relevant though.
I would certainly never have used the full Lyra protocol.

Perhaps, but can’t say, as I have never mounted a cart, so can’t compare both methods. However, as you can see in the picture of the opening thread, I don’t see how otherwise the cart could be mounted, as the three holes in the Rega arm are aligned with the cart, as Rega intended.

It does seem, perhaps by luck, to align with Rega!

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Or by my dealer intention :grin:

…I wonder…do all arms have a hole conveniently placed in order to facilitate accessing what could become known as ‘The Lyra Hole’.
I must say that putting clay into the hole seems absurd!

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I was wondering about this language in the manual as well, “can be used with compatible arms that have this hole”


I should maybe try

So maybe it facilitates the set up on Rega arms? If the little hole of the Kleos is aligned with the one of the arm, the cart is correctly mounted?
Or is it just a lucky alignment, as say Jtlewis?

I’m wondering why such cryptic language in the manual. If it’s just Rega arms, why not say so. If it’s also other arms, why not list them. It’s a bit confusing to say “with compatible arms” because how should one know which ones these are. It’s not just that they need to have a hole there, the hole must be in a precise place in relation to the stylus tip, according to the manual.

Or it’s just a happy coincidence on Rega arms, yes, I also mentioned this possibility earlier. But I don’t know.
(Edit: or maybe the hole is in the wrong place on Rega arms and it just looks right when the holes align but it’s actually wrong. Again, no clue whatsoever :slight_smile: )

Well, at least this whole episode makes me even more convinced that Rega cartridges are the right choice for myself :slight_smile: I have neither the patience nor the talent for these intricacies…

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I’m opting for: it’s a coincidence.
Completely agree…Rega’s (or other) 3-point fixing seems to me like a ‘no brainer’.

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