Rega P10 arm screws for cart

Reading the Lyra data above it states the 1mm hole is directly inline with the stylus centre
Checking the Rega website, although I can’t find any dimensions for third hole in their cartridges , visually the stylus seems to be forward of the third fixing hole
If this is the case then I would suggest that the Lyra may be sub optimally fitted, assuming the 1 mm hole appears central to the rega arms third fixing hole.
The above error could be explained by the dealer being a Rega dealer and not Lyra and assuming the 1mm hole is the same as third fixing hole
I would suggest that the geometry be checked with a suitable protractor


Yes, a bit confusing, even annoying to set up non Rega carts on the P10.
Despite all this, I have no regrets. The sound is incredibly good.
I very rarely listen to my Nds now. Even digital transfer modern recordings sound a good step better through the P10/ Kleos.
The bass for instance is so well defined and textured, very addictive.
I can’t describe, like it’s softer or more dynamic, or more open….etc
I just sound so right and effortless. It’s really a good surprise.
My past SME 20/ Lyra Delos was not so addictive. It says something on the synergy of that cartridge, turntable and phono.
So finally, despite searching to know if the cart was well settled up, my reason wants to know, I can’t imagine that the set up is wrong, my enjoyment tells me it.

I would have said looking at your picture from the top, that the cartridge looks to far back, if the hole is for guidance on the stylus tip, but using the right set up guide is the only way to tell and its certainly what I would be getting to check it

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The Lyra manual mentions a 1mm hole in the compatible tone arm, which also has VTA adjustment, they’re not talking about Regas.

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Here a picture of the set up:

Lyra Delos on Rega. A bit on the back too.

Lyra Kleos, set up by a dealer. Still on the back here. But on other pictures, it’s settled more on the front.

It’s a bit funny that after all the spacer/VTA obsessing it turns out that wide variations in overhang don’t seem to make much of a difference :slight_smile:

I can’t say if it’s make a real difference, but know now that it’s not correctly mounted.
I just could talk with the Lyra France guy. For him the arm seems not perfectly parallel ( on the picture) and I should see, through the little hole, the cantaliver. But I don’t see it.
I am embarrassed now. Have to find a solution. Maybe the Lyra guy will be able to come, but not sure.
I will have to ask the dealer to do a better job , if the Lyra guy won’t be able to come.

The obsessing was not mine. My dealer said to me the arm needed a spacer to mount the Kleos which is tall. Lyra recommended also a spacer, as Michael Fremer. I could hardly ignore all that recommendations.
Now, what is curious is that the sound is really very good. So I should expect still a better sound after a correct set up. Logically. But maybe all is not so logical in all that.

I did mean mostly my obsessing and by parts of the hifi world at large. So much time spent trying to squeeze out every drop and adjustment by half a degree here or there, and then you find these photos with very differently mounted ones (and they can’t all be right), but it sounds good to the owners anyway. And the dealer who insisted on the spacer, rightly or wrongly, does not seem to be such an expert.

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Setting up cartridge alignment (which is specific for any specific arm), using the arm manufacturer’s parameters and protractor, is not that difficult. A stylus guard and a little patience is what is needed.
You use a Rega protractor, you only need to get the stylus on the cross and the cartridge parallel to the lines.
Admittedly, you would not have the dealer to blame if there were to be an accident, but you need to be sure that your alignment is correct…easily done with a Rega protractor, just to check initially.


The real thing apparently is to be able to see the cantilever through the hole. It’s the reason of this little hole.
It’s looks like easy to do, but I don’t want to take the risk to damage the cart.

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Normally, with that indications, my dealer should set up the cart correctly now. The cart is too expensive for me to try the first time this exercise.

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Yes…it’s an ‘old’ skill.
But, you can easily check the alignment with a Rega protractor…or with a protractor which is VERY SPECIFICALLY designed for Rega arms/alignment.

Not so curious in a way. As the tonearm travels in an arc, it’s only perfectly aligned in two spots, everywhere else there will be distortion. The alignment is about choosing those two spots and compromising on where on the record you get how much distortion. The common alignments are:

  • Stevenson: optimised for the least distortion on the inside of the record. Classical music often has crescendos there, but as a result there will be a bit more distortion on the outside of the record.

  • Baerwald/Lofgren A: optimised for lowest maximum distortion across the whole record.

  • Lofgren B: optimised for lowest average distortion across a whole record.

Rega and most Japanese turntables use Stevenson, most other turntables use Baerwald. But that’s by default. I have a Japanese deck, but don’t align according to Stevenson (I don’t listen to much classical music). There’s nothing turntable specific there, you can just choose. Visually the cartridge might just not sit straight in the headshell.

So it’s all preference / optimisation. I.e. if you don’t get it exactly right you’ll just have different points where it’s perfect, and different levels of distortion in other places (probably a bit more than the standard ones). But you’d have to be really off for a good cart on a good deck to start sounding bad.

It’s why I said above that choosing a different alignment might be a cheap upgrade/optimisation.

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Yes Jtlewis, I could check. However I know already that is not correctly mounted. Then I have no protractor. And even if I had one, after checking, I would not risk to do anything.

Encore un fois, c’est difficile.
Sympathies to you…difficult decision…but I would be upset if any of my equipment were not to be giving its best. The Rega protractor is very inexpensive.

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The P10 package should have one included IIRC.
Well or maybe that comes with the Apheta. In any case easily available online and not expensive unless you want to

Edit: The P10 manual says that is is supplied:

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Definitely supplied in the UK

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