Rega p10 drive belt

I have the Rega Rp10. With 2 white belts. Is there a new upgraded drive belt? Because on pictures of the P10, the belt is black.
I can’t find it online but think to remember, read somewhere, that the rega P10 belt is better from before.

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The Planar 6, 8 and 10 come with a new and improved belt. It’s called the EBLT.

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I couldn’t find it online. I only see: rega upgraded belt for rega turntables. The color is white.
Do you know a shop online to buy. My dealer sells Rega but didn’t know of this new belt.

Your dealer should be able to get them, assuming that they fit the older ‘RP’ decks. This is what the Rega website says.


A number of shops have upgrade belt now discontinued as of May 11th, new improved replacement is not available as yet.
Drop Alastair at Signals hifi, he should be able to give you an idea of when it will be available as an upgrade. He ships abroad if your dealer has problems.

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Thanks Gazza. I understand better why I can’t find any online. I will ask my dealer to order from Rega. Even if for now it’s not available.

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Hope it helps, take care

I asked Audio T. They said that these belt will be available only in several months.
Don’t know why it’s so long, because they are already produced with new Rega decks.
Not big problem however…

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Just get that new Planar 10 you are after. Free belts!

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Are belts interchangeable between RP10 and Planar 10?

Finally I will not take it. My dealer would take me my Rp10 with a too much lower cost.
I ordered a chord sarum t power cord to go with my 555 dr. ( he took my Melco n1a2 for a not too bad price)
Will report.

I hope though. But for now not a lot info on that.

My P10 came with 2 free belts!

That’s too bad! I would hope that with how much you spend, your dealer would be able to give you a nice price on the total deal of returning the RP10 and getting the new P10. Some combination of trade in price + discount = ok total price to upgrade.

I think the Covid loss on activity and the decrease on Hifi actual sales doesn’t help. Not a lot of people here in France are ready now to invest in audio, specially a turntable.
It explains the low actual cost he is ready to give me for it.
The difference are probably also not night and day, so I am not ready to pay 2,5 k euros just to upgrade from Rp10 to P10. And specially as I listen 70% of time through my Nds.
The Chord sarum t will uplift my digital source , I have no doubt. The same as your Anzus upgrade probably.

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