Rega P10 ps, on main powerblock or separated powerblock

I wonder if members here, who have a Rega P10 , or an Lp12 with its external ps, connect the power cord to the hifi powerblock, same for electronics and digital source, or on a different powerblock.

I have a bit more noise in the speakers with the turntable vs the NDS.

P10 here, PSU connected to the same powerblock as the rest of the kit. What is the noise you are experiencing - is it hum or just “normal” noise? There will always be more background noise with a vinyl set-up than a digital source due to the different S/N ratios.

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Have dedicated mains with two wall sockets near the stereo. I found moving the turntable power supply to its own wall socket, keeping the Naim boxes together on a power strip into the other wall socket, a considerable free upgrade. Hope this helps, YMMV.


Richard, you have the Rp10. What is your answer, please ?

I have the RP10 PS on a Hydra that powers all bar the NAC552 and NAP250 (those are on their own Powerlines). Only noise I get is a small click when changing between speeds, otherwise very quiet. I could pick up noise by moving the PS closer to the Superline, but as they are the Superline is stunningly quiet even at very high volume levels.


I have like a mechanical hum , if my ear is very close to the woofers. It depends on the moments of the day. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s quite silent. I hear it if my ear is at around 1 cm.
So finally it’s normal to have a bit more noise with phono. Thanks.

Thanks, I will try then. I have the main powerblock, the Furutech, and another one , the Eros Titan, connected to a different wall socket.

P10, previously P9. Same pover block as Streamer/pre-amp, Melco.

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PSAN is right. The cartridge produces a low level signal compared to a streamer so the signal to noise ratio is higher for a turntable compared to a streamer. This is normal. It is possible that you might be experiencing the effects of a ground loop in which case plugging everything into a power strip or sockets with a shared ground is the simplest remedy (which you have already tried). If it’s a ground loop then plugging into physically separated mains sockets might make the situation worse even if the sockets are on the same sub-circuit. This is because you have increased the size of the ground loop “antenna”.

Was this a reply to @frenchrooster instead of me perhaps @philiprst? If not there may be a misunderstanding as there is and was no problem on my side.

System sounded good before all into one power strip. It now sounds even better with the new powering arrangement of separating turntable psu and the power strip with Naim boxes.

As I wrote anyone’s mileage may vary when they try, but this worked for me.

Daddycool, I apologize for my inexperience in using the reply option and my response was not aimed at you but for general consumption.

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