Rega P6 encounter - a case study in PRaT

I have an LP12 for our main system, which I’ve upgraded many times - in current configuration, Keel/Karousel, Ittok 3, AT ART9xi, Lingo 2…pretty wonderful table.

I have had several entry spec Rega TTs over the years - P1, RP1, old Planar 2, and recently a Planar 25. These migrated to my secondary office system a number of years ago.

I liked the recent Planar 25 but it has grounding issues, so I decided to investigate trading it in for a P6 - I do listen to the office TT a lot and it seemed justified. I also had a vague memory of a Rega dealer saying the Planar 6 is where the Rega TT magic started.

Got a loaner demo home from the shop yesterday, plugged it in, and popped on Joe Pass’ Virtuoso 3 - an old Pablo copy, cleaned on the Degritter.

Settled in to read and man - about five minutes in, I simply stopped reading and listened. Listened to the whole toe tapping sheer musicality of the music. It was as if the heavens opened and said, “This is PRaT”. Listened to it all day today, one great album after another.

I have not loved previous encounters with the Rega MM cartridges, but the Exact/P6 synergy is powerful. Guessing the P6 was voiced with it.

Will the P6 replace my LP12? Not even close - the LP12 makes flat out gorgeous sound, and the P6/Exact have some unrefined aspects (some of that may also be the UQ2 and Tukans). But that P6 puts a smile on my face and is a case study in “following the tune”.

I’m now in the process of reconfiguring the office system to a direct/straight ahead setup with the P6, Chord Mojo, Rega io, and my Rega RS3s. Fun!!

Just to be clear…for the main system it’s Naim all the way!


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