Rega P8 or Garrard 401

Yes, very different beasts and both well regarded. New to Naim, so still getting my head around what pairs well and what doesn’t,

Upgrading from stock Rega p3 with Dynavector 10x5 high output MC cart. I run that through an Trichord Dino MkII phono.

I’m leaning toward trying the Garrard. There’s a delicious one available right now, in excellent condish, audiomods tone arm, upgraded bearing, refreshed idler parts, and a nice aftermarket plinth (vinylista). Costs about the same as unmodified Rega Planar 8.

I’ll be running this into NSC222 with PSX300 and NAP250 driving Spendor D.7.2.

Any others out there running Garrard 401?

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Calling all Garrard 401 fans…!!

@Richard.Dane - ?

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I have both a 401 and Rega RP10. Very different but each excellent in its own way.

Be careful of modified or “upgraded” bearings with the 401. They change the sound and really there’s not a whole lot wrong with the original provided it’s in good order.


Thanks @Richard.Dane
I know there’s a few factors that impact upon sound. If I were going for something a bit warmer, am I likely to get that more from one or the other TT? I’m really happy with the sound of the digital source which is miles ahead on SQ when compared to current TT. I don’t see the point in trying to better it, although definitely interested to have something different for analogue front end that compliments my other gear.

Thanks for the comment on bearings. Original also supplied with sale. Apparently this one is 2nd owner, having sat in storage for 40 years before being bought by current owner who had it professionally upgraded 5-10 years ago.

I’m also curious how the sound presentation would differ between Garrard idler drive decks and the F1 infused Rega P8 & P10 turntables. Having never heard an idler I’d like to demo one at some point. My curiosity fuelled also by the design of the 301 and the 401 (my preference aesthetically) as I they think they both look stunning.

Also, it’s interesting how Richard Braine’s own Supratrac arm is being used on a 301 in various demo shows - love the juxtaposition of old and new. I believe he was at Cranage too, and somehow I missed the room with his red plinth housed Garrard. Personally I think I would have gone for an orange or green plinth for the full Mid Century aesthetic! Photo from Analog Planet…

061824.apmunich2024-3.Garrard 301 with Supatrac Nighthawk tonearm

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I’m not sure it’s a question of warmer or indeed the opposite. The Garrard imparts amazing solidity and sense of drive to the music. The Rega is about agility, speed and precision. I love them both even though they are very different in their strengths


Someone told me that Richard Brain had a lot in his mind.


Boom, tish, here all week!


I tried hard to translate that in french.

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Ah, apologies! This refers to 1970’s and 80’s UK stand up comics whose joke punchline was often accompanied by a light drum and cymbal hit.

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