Rega P8 question to new owners

Hi to … Hopefully P8 owners

While extremely pleased with my Rega deck …I have checked the fitted by Rega cartridge alignment and {using their own supplied gauge} it’s at least a couple of mm too far forward in the arm
Also …With a mini spirit level on the headshell …The arm has to come up about 5mm to be anywhere near level…
Has anyone else who has the new P8 and supplied alpheta 2 cart had a look at this?

I should add that setting the cartridge in the correct position according to the gauge means the forward of the 3 bolts won’t go in (of course)
And raising the record is the only option for the hight …As there is no way to lower the arm
But …Sound quality takes a major step forward with these changes made
I contacted the factory and asked about these questions …And it was fairly obvious the polite gentleman I spoke to didn’t really have a Scooby doo…

Just demonstrates that one cannot beat a good set up.

I had my RP10 set-up by a pro (as I’m too lazy to do all the adjustments you’ve mentioned).
This was part of the service by my dealer, when the factory fitted Apheta broke and was changed under warranty to Aphelion 2.

Let’s put it this way - he wasn’t very politically correct in hs comments about the ‘factory setup’.
Not only of the cartrdge allinment but of the whole arm.


my dealer put me the lyra delos cart on my rega rp8. I never tried to do it myself.

That’s fine if you fit your own cartridge…You can dial it in as good or bad as you want
But a factory fitted and own brand recommend cartridge should be at least close to optional I would have hoped…
There is no excuse really as Rega stuff is very un adjustable …And as such should be right by just bolting it on at the factory

That doesn’t sound great for a top of the range deck like yours …And my experience seems to reflect yours sadly

Another thing which is difficult to setup is anti-skating.
Rega’s prescribed methodology is just completely off.

So my conclusion from having owned RP6 and now owning RP10 - they are not plug’n’play decks.
But I still love them :grin:

As an ex Planar owner i took it as read that the antiskate setting would be miles out …And it was…With a tracking weight of 1.9 GM’s the antiskate is set to 1 on my deck …And that checks out with both the hi-fi news test record and my listening tests…

I also see deca sell a 3mm spacer to put under the platter of rega decks with rega carts as they say the factory setting is often “less than optimal”
The amazing thing seems to be how good the decks sound DISPITE regas efforts

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