Rega Planar 1 into SN3, adding a Stageline N

I’ve a quick question with regards to adding a S/Line N to my current system and whether it’s worth it. As yet, I’m saving up and looking to add an H/C DR, possibly in the NY and I’ve been offered a (S/L relatively cheaply) and I’m wondering whether to add this in to my current set up?

Or, do I save my pennies, sell the RP1 and buy the RP3?

I’d go for the latter. The idea being to feed the existing phonostage within your SN3 with the best turntable you can.


I agree for choosing the P3 more than Stageline.
However the best turntable for the mm SN3 phono, not in absolute. For example a P3/ apheta/ superline will sound better than P10/ mm cart into SN3.
The phono is the most crucial part after the turntable, then the cart, IMHE.

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Thanks @Christopher_M and @frenchrooster, I really appreciate both your comments.

Have a great and safe weekend :slight_smile:


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