Rega Planar 1 Plus v Pro-ject Primary E Phono

Hi to everyone…
These past few months, thanks to lockdown maybe, I’ve thought about buying myself a turntable.
Well, I’ve not used one of them since 1986, but I’m really fascinated by the prospect of getting back to a physical rapport with the record “object”.
I don’t have a really big budget, this new turntable should be connected to a Naim Muso Qb or, alternatively, a Schiit Magni headphone amplifier.
My choice regards these two entry level devices; what do you think about them?
Any tips or suggestions???

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There is probably not a lot between them as far as sound goes. What would swing it for me towards the Rega is that the belt on the Pro-Ject goes on the exposed outer rim of the platter and it doesn’t have a groove to keep it in place. That just makes it a bit fiddly if you need to change speeds.

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Hi Andy,

I’m putting a toe into that same water, reading up on all kinds of stuff and enjoying the “show us your turntable” thread as well. I am equally interested in the “integrated” turntables with built in electronics, and am looking very seriously at the (new) Clearaudio Concept Active… a bit more pricey than the P1, but I will be going into a Nova and am hoping that if I splash out a bit more on the initial purchase I will continue enjoying the “upgrade free” lifestyle I have at the moment.

Like you, I have been out of vinyl since the mid-80’s and am thinking not only sound but the tactile experience. I am pretty convinced that everything will be significantly improved from my original Planar 3 bought when I was still in high school… and I hope the same for you no matter which way you decide in the end.

I would love to hear how you get on, whether you are resurrecting old albums or also thinking of getting new ones to try out.

Best wishes. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Regards, alan


Last year I helped a friend’s wife organise a surprise birthday present of a turntable. The dealer had a pre-loved Rega P3/RB300/Linn K9 from the 1980’s up against a new Rega Planar 1 for the same price. The 1980’s P3 won by a big margin.


Hi, Alan, thank you for your kind reply.
Well, I’m a Tidal addicted and I love the kind of experience I can get from such a service, apart from having the chance, every Friday morning, to have a first taste of all the new releases, which is not bad at all. lol
As for my turntable, my aim is just to buy (or buy again) the most essential albums that have been really significant and important to me, having a look at the same time at their “technical” quality.
Unfortunately, LPs nowadays are ridiculously expensive and if really there’s something relevant to buy, I prefer to switch to a traditional CD.
Let’s say vinyls for me should be like a good glass of whisky to enjoy on special occasions.



Thanks Andy, I feel we are heading the same way. I will try to recover some of my old vinyl, and buy some specials. I too am captivated by Tidal, and it has been many years since I stopped buying CDs regularly. Huge fun to be back and having such joy again. I wish you the same… enjoy the whiskey experience!

Regards alan

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Clearaudio don’t get the love they should on these pages, probably because Rega are so dominant . (I have a Clearaudio Emotion)

They are nice pieces of kit , and I would hope the combo of Nova and Concept active you are suggesting would be a good one

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