Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3 into Superline

Hi is anyone using a Rega planar 10 with an apheta 3 into a superline?
I have a 35yr old gyrodec and have just purchased a new rega planar 10
with a factory fitted apheta 3, And would be interested to know what loading
plug works best with the superline into an nac 52.

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I use an RP10 that I’ve just refreshed with new belts and updated the cartridge from an Apheta 2 to an Apheta 3. I also use a Superline, and with the Apheta 2 settled on 100ohms with 1nF of capacitance, which seemed to give the best sense of rhythm and timing. I’ve stuck with this on the 3, and so far so good.


I am using the same settings as you at the moment, But only with
The standard 100ohm plug that came with superline.
I do have a 453 z foil i was using when i was running the gyrodec into the
superline with an audio technica oc9xml.
Didn’t know wether to get a 100ohm z foil, Do you get them directly from Naim?
As i haven’t seen them listed from any Naim dealers.

Your dealer will be able to order you one.
Mine recently got me a 453 and a 1nf.
Not cheap mind but you can tell the difference between z foils and the normal type.

I use a z foil air plug. You can order via your dealer.

Z Foil worth every £.

@Cymbiosis (UK) and AV Options (U.S.) also do Z-Plugs (z-foil AirPlug) to order. The AV Options is cryo’d. I don’t know if the Cymbosis version is. I have one of each.

Or just buy 2 x 100 ohm’s z foils and solder them in place rather than the ones you have. Very easy to do and massively cheaper

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Only issue if you do it yourself is that you would have to sacrifice a Hi-line for the Air plugs and even then you would not have end caps. Better to buy the proper thing.

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I ment replace the z foils in the one he has for different z foils.
This is what i did to one off mine, very easy to do.
I actually got a few different ohms rated z foils, think i still have them somewhere.

I have done that with standard locking din plugs before,
But it is not easy getting a pair of perfectly matching resistors.

Brief reply as I’m in Japan at the moment.
I use the Texas Instruments Cryo treated Z foils. sourced from Chris West along with the green suspension wire.

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I should have said they were metal film resistors i used with the locking din plugs.

Very true unfortunately, as I had to do exactly that in the early days of developing the airplug load plug with Jon Honeyball, subsequently, demonstrating them against the original silver bodies and proving they were a better solution. I used pair matched to 1 Ohm standard Naim 5% resistors at first.
I still have these very early development airplugs to show customers if interested when they visit the shop.
Subsequently, the factory decided to manufacture which was great, and the end caps were then produced the same time.
Sometime later, Chris West came up with the idea of using Z foils and the factory, then adopted these too, as they were much better still! Although it should be pointed out the factory, don’t use the Cryo Texas instruments Z- Foils.

KR, Peter

Try removing the locking rings as you’ll probably find they sound a lot better and don’t push the plug fully into the socket. Withdraw it by about one – 2 mm so as it is floating on the pins.
One further point, I didn’t put in my post above, remove pin two, as it is not connected. It can pick up RF! Consequently, if it is absent the plug, whether of the airplug type or silver type will sound better.

I purchased some locking din plugs and removed the locking rings,
I also got hold of some end caps also.
The resistors i used were 1% tolerance.