Rega Planar 6 with SN3 - Ania or Ortofon 2M Black?

Hi, looking for some advice/input from the community. I recently purchased a SN3, and am now using the built in MM phono stage with my current VPI TT (w/Ortofon Blue) - works and sounds great, and happy to not have to use my Moon pre any longer.

I’m going to be purchasing a Planar 6, but have seen mixed reviews on the Exact 2 - in fact most dealers here only demo the P6/Ania. I certainly have the option of getting the P6/Ania (which means likely getting the Rega Fono MC or similar) - or getting the P6 with an Ortofon Black - which I would run directly into the SN3.

Just trying to see if anyone uses or has heard the Black (or even the Bronze) with the P6, and if it’s a solid path forward and good match with the SN3. I’d prefer to not have to add another box for the MC, but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality in exchange.

Any thoughts would be welcome - thanks!

I’d look at the Dynavector 10x5 mk2. Or the Well Tempered TLC mm cart. The TLC is very good and MM.

What’s the VPI and why do you want to switch to the rega? Isn’t it better to stick with the VPI and add a better arm and/or cart to that? From what little I know of the VPI range it would seem to be a solid foundation already upon which to build.

For me, the Ania would be best and from day one…and have better potential for the future (with phono stage upgrade). Synnergy is a good thing.

I bought a P6 with Ania and Fono MC recently and couldn’t be happier with it. Sound quality is excellent. The Ania is literally made for the P6 and the two together come at a reduced price, with the Ania installed and ready to go. I certainly wouldn’t set my heart on a MM just to use the SN3 phono stage.

Is it possible that the Ania/Aria will be effective with a P3 ? I’d like to get those now before getting a P8 for Christmas.

The Ania works with the P3 which has the same RB330 as the 6, though the latter’s is more finely toleranced I believe. And the Aria will be fine regardless.

Thanks, thats me sorted on the tt front, and Mrs Bruss has a Christmas list. :slight_smile: I did have a concern that the ania might have needed a more controlled or more closely toleranced set up.

Next is the Dac. I have decided on the Qutest, previously used example to try out. A couple on a certain auction site at the mo, but I haven’t seen any ex demo or trade ins at the normal audio dealers.

Out of curiosity, how does your TT compare to the NAC272? I know they are different, but I’m contemplating a TT for my SN3.

Thanks Robert, the VPI table I have is approximately 7-8 years old, and was their entry level table at that point - the Traveler (v1). I’m looking for a table (like the P6) that is more advanced, and provides a potential path to upgrade in the future, along with solid synergy with Naim.

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Thanks HH, I agree - every dealer where I’ve listened to the P6, it’s been mated with the Ania MC - it does sound very sweet and synergistic.

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That’s a tricky one to answer as I’m not great at these comparisons. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly better or worse. It’s just very nice and thoroughly enjoyable. I’d never make a hifi reviewer!

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No worries. Enjoyable is all I need to know.

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If I may detour your attention from Rega, back to VPI, a great option would be the Prime. An excellent turntable that can be upgraded, by mean of a VPI ADS power supply or an peripheral ring plus reference clamp. Anyway, Just the standard version Is a great machine. Just my humble opinion… :slight_smile:

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