Rega Planar 8?

Is a Rega Planar 8 with Aria phono too much for 272/XPSDR or is Planar 6 with Aria phono a better fit? Digital is my primary source for now but doesn’t mean it always will be.

There is no such thing as “too much” turntable.


it will just much better sounding vs your 272/xps dr. My rega rp8/ lyra delos/ ear 912 phono is matching my nds/555dr.

Go for the Planar 8 (or the best deck you can afford).Based on my experience in my system, the preamp section is the highlight of the 272. It’s much closer to a 282 than the streamer is to an NDX.

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In Naim-land Simon’s New Paradigm comes to mind: No longer just the analog TT & the digital CD, but the holy trinity if one can afford it!

A fully loaded LP 12 combined with a naked CD 555, and ND 555 is nearly 70K.

Julian pictures reminds us of our hifi beginnings:

A Linn front end powered with Naim electronics with Linn Speakers!

Ok, no such thing as to much source, but what about proper balance.

A 25K TT with an Supernait 2 will sound nice, but…



Over 30 years ago, Linn’s Golden Rule still applies: buy the best turntable, and if possible the best arm, then compromise with a lesser cartridge, amplifier and speakers.

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