Rega plexiglas cover

I have a Rega P3 from the 50th, due to various vicissitudes it is the third Rega that has passed through my hands in a short time. All new and all have really bad plexiglass lids. Even when new they are scratched, I don’t understand why they use such poor quality plastic. Maybe I’m the only one who noticed it, I understand that it’s something of little importance, but they could do better.

I found a slightly scratched Rega P3 lid responded well to being polished with TCut and/or metal polish. Not sure which I used…


Not Poor Plastic IMHO.

It’ s odd, mine is 14 yo and still pretty much like as new

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That sounds like you’ve been very unlucky. The lid on my RP10 was fine (although I don’t actually use it). However, I do feel that I prefer the older dark smoked lids that Rega used to put on the old Planar 3. Somehow they also feel a bit more solid, or perhaps it’s just my imagination?


Might it not be more productive to get in touch with Rega directly, rather than slagging them off on the Naim Forum, where they have no right of reply.


My Rega 3 (smoked glass) lid lasted about 30 years, and it was only a broken hinge that resulted in getting a replacement.

Went clear plastic for the replacement, and that’s been fine too.

Might depend a bit on where the record deck is kept? If in front of a window, it could just be hairline scratches that are reflecting light that’s coming in at an angle ?

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I have had two Rega turntables. A Planar 3 which I bought over 30 years ago and is now being used by my son and his wife and a RP8 which I have had for about 6 years. Both covers are still in perfect condition. However I have always been very careful when dusting, using vertually no presure or polish. They have also been located out of direct sunlight. I would imagine that UV light would damage the plastic as would some solvents in polishes etc.


Mine is not a problem of a damaged cover, I would say more “imperfect”. If you look at it against the light, even when new it is full of more or less small scratches. I think they don’t pay much attention to it, in fact in the end it’s just a lid, maybe I’m too fussy, in fact I certainly am.

I assure you that I dust it once a week with a very soft duster, not even with a cloth so whatever it is I haven’t done it. It was already like this.
Anyway, again, this is irrelevant stuff, just for the sake of talking.

As HH advises, if you aren’t happy then your first port of call should be your supplying Rega dealer. Your next should be Rega themselves.


The acrylic used has only about a 10 year life span, even non direct sunlight
Will damage the plastic over the years,
As it will not be UV protected.
Speaking As a ex acrylic fabricator,
I used make them for a TT restorer
There are a few acrylic fabricators out that can make you up a new lid,
But it will not be a moulded one,

So… my Linn LP12 lid from 1981, which is still fine… is… weird…? Or not made of Acrlic…?

Will be fine,
Might find it’s its got a bit brittle over the years,
if you are not rough with it,
And why would you,
It be all good,
in my experience the older the lid,
The more brittle it is,
Especially at hinges
Look after things and things will look after you,
I will take a pic of an old one that I made over 20years ago,
Still use it on my rega,

No hinges, just placed on top

That may well not be dusting, but I’ve yet to find an acrylic cover that would not get hairline scratches from even the softest dusting regime.

I now just rinse mine in the kitchen sink followed by a wipe with a clean cloth and acrylic/glass cleaner.

And yes, I can picture you making a similar face as my wife does when she sees this…

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In any case, I must say that without cover it is certainly more beautiful.


They can also be susceptible to airborn chemicals or vapours. Wouldn’t need to be applied directly, for example using spray products like…

Fly spray
Aerosol cleaners
Aerosol freshners

Quite a few people live in living/kitchen combos which allows food cooking vapours etc into the living room. Could also be an issue.